"Ghost in the Shell" For the Realization of the World "Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT" Meeting & Opening Brest

Shiro Masamune's original manga as an original, "Ghost in the Shell" spreading in animation, games and novels, using the state-of-the-art technology to realize "Ghost in the shell REALIZE PROJECT"Was held at Roppongi Hills Cross Point on June 12 (Friday).

Ghost in the shell REALIZE PROJECT

This project was launched in the fall of 2014 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Ghost in the Shell. At AnimeJapan 2015 held in March 2015Seminar heldIt was done.

This time, it consists of three parts: "Project Presentation Session", "Open Brest", "Exhibition View at the Venue".

Part 1 · At the project briefing session,HEART CATCHRepresentative director and CEO, Mr. Noriko Nishimura of Ghost In The Shell REALIZE PROJECT secretary adviser / Evangelist served as Progress.

Mr. Mitsuhisa Ishikawa who is President and Representative Director of Production · Aisy Co., Ltd., also the Executive Committee of the Ghost in the Shell Action Group REALIZE PROJECT Executive Committee, first got up and greeted me. In this way the 25th anniversary of the Ghost in the Ghost in the 25th anniversary is the strength of the original "Rokko" by Masamune Shiro, and the eyes to see Mr. Shiro's future is so wonderful that 2029, the stage of the work, approaches I felt that it was things. About REALIZE PROJECT, "It is drawn in" Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell ", but let's realize what we can not do with the current technology" "It is not drawn by" Ghost in the Shell ", but if this world view is this It is a project to create something that will approach each other and influence each other, not closely sticking to the original, that there should be something (it will spread the world of the offensive shells) " did.

Currently, the Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT is promoting four kinds of business: "media business" "incubation business" "the AWARD business" "project / related business".

◆ 3D Photogrammetry feat. Motoko Kusanagi
First, 3D photogrammetry of Kusanagi Element is made at AVATTA, the first domestic photogrammetric studio operated and supervised by a photographer, Korishima Roland as one of "projects and related projects" .

Avatta | Avatta - the first photogratery special studio in Japan

Photogrammetry is a cutting-edge technology that captures three-dimensional objects from multiple angles, analyzes two-dimensional images obtained from them, and generates three-dimensional data.

"AVATTA" uses this latest technology to synchronize more than 60 cameras and shoot a moment of subject from every angle simultaneously.

We instantaneously convert large quantities of photos into highly repeatable data in software.

Many studios seem to be using handheld scanners, etc. However, AVATTA uses a single lens reflex camera.

The model of the element wasUshima nice meatWithAyaka ArimaMr.

Arima who actually became the appearance of the element appeared in the hall.

The nice thing about 3D data is that you can change the posing freely if you shoot once. While Mr. Kirishima showed various data, it seemed that Arima himself was surprised, "There are poses that should not be taken."

One such example is this high kick pose.

It took us the same pose as it was a big deal. It is a great merit that you can wear any outfit if you make costume data.

◆ "Attack Shell Graph" Visualization of Ghostshell World (Candidate Sheet Factor · LiVEARTH)
Next, Mr. Masashi Shoji of Technical Adviser / International Certified Investment Analyst, who is President and Representative Director of Live Earth Co., Ltd., got on the stage.

"Attack Shell ChartThat is because various technologies appearing in the work,Semantic networkGraph based on the theory of. The technology of the Ghost In The Shell is largely divided into five categories: Cyber ​​Brain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Body (Cyborg), Robot (Robot), and City (Smart City).

Some day-to-day technical news, there are things that make you feel the Ghost in the Shell, such as "3D printing artificial skin". It was thought to be able to feel that the reality is approaching to the work world by organizing them.Attack shell coefficient". Readers · expert · media · secretariat will evaluate from each viewpoint.

And, according to the globbing technique "LiVEARTH"Visualization of Ghost shell world. This is a visualization of the transaction value of industrial robots around the world on the web globe, showing that the world of the Ghost in the 2029 is approaching by commercial trends in various countries around the world.

◆ Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT Contest · Hackasson
Nobuyuki Akimoto, executive vice president and director of NTT Docomo Ventures, who is an executive supervisor of the project.

Through Hackson, with the stakeholders and venture companies, if we could help to make the "offensive shells" truly realistic.

For details, Mr. Muto Hiroaki Muto, general manager of the secretariat, talked about Commons representative and producer.

First of all, the "offensive shell NEWS department" that honors domestic companies, organizations and individuals who conduct research and development that seems to be "Ghost in the Shell".

"General participation department" which awards excellent works and participants from the contest · Hackathon

It seems that the project will be promoted in Tokyo, Kobe and Fukuoka as it is 3 cities and 3 themes.

By moving each, it makes the world of the Ghost in the shell rife.

The schedule is like this

The presentation was concluded that "The world of the Ghost in the 2029 is not so far".

In the photo session, the element and Batou "realized".

◆ To realize the world of the Ghost In The Shell! REALIZE public breast
Keio University Graduate School of Media Design Graduate School of Media Design Professor Masahiko Inami · Associate Professor Kota Namizawa and film director Kenji Kamiyama · Novelist Mr. Okata Mr. makes a breast toward the realization of "Ghost in the Shell" It was.

Brest was divided into 3 sessions: "Robot, Robot", "Dentist / Artificial Intelligence", "City".

Director Kamiyama defines that the right body is a thing that extends the body function in a state directly connected to the body, the robot is a thing that remotely controls and is like an alter ego, and it carries AI and moves autonomously.

Mr. Inami seems to be doing research with exactly the same idea as that definition, but the body expansion is "how to fit the body", the robot is "difficult to move like a person" different difficulties I told you that you have.

In the first episode of STAND ALONE COMPLEX, Kamiyama made Geisha Robot appear. Although Kamiyama, who thought that the robot was going to do work he did not want to do, once he made the Ghost in the Shell, it is not that he will not put expensive robots in place of bulldozers Rather, he thought that he would be given the role of doing something people can not do. Mr. Okata pointed out that the usefulness of not declining like a human being is a place of fear of robots.

In the "Dennou AI / Artificial Intelligence" session, LogiComa was positioned as "a walkable talk carriage" as the name of "logistics", so that as the main character's organization develops its equipment in the process of development Mr. Okata revealed that it was how it was drawn that Logikoma will also increase.

Section 3 "Urban" has a topic of "infrastructure change". In other words, it means that the city 's infrastructure itself will change as a result of not being driven "by yourself" by automatic driving cars or control by urban transportation system drawn by ARISE. In addition, the need for "I will move" may be questioned.

When talking about "energy", both Kamiyama and Okata confess that they wanted to run away. Because it seems to be battery driven, probably because the figure is heavy, it is probably a battery-powered, but, as the problem of how much battery it has and how to charge it comes out. Also, also in infrastructure, "things that should be taken into account?" Such as "Do you stop if there is no elevator for the right side?"

As Kamiyama said, "With smartphones charging once a day, in what frequency will the galvanisms be charged?" About this point, the evolution of CPU and other parts will accelerate In the technology like battery, since evolution is linear, it is real that it is still heavy as of 2029, Professor Inami said. It was told that the possibility of being charged by wireless power supply, for example when you are on an elevator. Considering the progress of such technology, if you look at it, "Ghost in the Shell" may be even more interesting.

Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT 2015

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