The ultimate travel backpack "GOBAG" which can store the baggage in the air by removing the air

In luggage making of travel, how much to store in a bag is a proposition to form a comfortable journey. Therefore, it is necessary to make various ideas such as "to make clothes compact folding, water bottle in that place ... ..." and so on, but even if you do not care much about such things, you stuffed your baggage in a bag Backpack is ideal for traveling with traveling a lot of features that make traveling comfortable, such as taking air security in check and airport security checks afterwards "GOBAG"is.

GOBΔG - Pack Small. Think Big.

You can see how "GOBAG" stores a lot of baggage refreshingly and it is convenient for traveling by seeing the following movie.

The first step to go on a trip is from the plan of the trip.

Once the destination is decided, we will pack the necessary items such as clothing into the bag. Among them, a yellow bag is protruding "GOBAG".

When all is done, I will tighten the yellow back cuff and put it in the backpack.

After that, when sucking vacuum cleaner tube attached to backpack ... ...

Back packed with lots of luggage became peppers, it fits well backpack.

Put toothbrush / toothpaste / shaving gel etc. in WASH BAG and adhere to bag lid with Velcro tape.

Of course there are places to store laptops.

Passports, airline tickets and so on, to the pocket on the back side.

Arrived at the airport.

I've been to a security check that I have to do whenever I board an airplane.

Since notebook PC can take out baggage of backpack without taking it back, smartly pick it out and place it on the check tray OK.

If you put liquids such as toothpaste in WASH BAG, you can put it on the tray and check it with checks just by peeling from the ballistic and velcro straps.

After finishing the check without taking a lot of time, I boarded in the plane.

Although occasionally baggage does not fit in, it may struggle, but thanks to the compact size which sucked in air, it was able to be stored in luggage compartment easily as well.

Just leave and enjoy traveling.

That is "GOBAG".

The place where you carried GOBAG is like this.

Backpack body size is 50 x 30 x 20 cm. It has become a size that can be brought in by air baggage.

The outer material isTPUCoatedBallistic nylonMade. Besides waterproofing, high strength and excellent wear resistance are realized.

The GOBAG has a suction port, and the idea that the space of soft luggage such as clothes can be made cluttered without waste is excellent excluding air by suction. Air can be suctioned by sucking the vacuum cleaner etc, It is also possible to push the air by hand, so it is okay without a vacuum cleaner at the destination.

This "MAX PACK BAG" is the core of the function. Due to the nature of sucking air, it seems that capacity can not be expressed in liter like a general backpack, but if it is the backpack of the same size, it is from 25 liters to 30 liters. It seems to be able to store all the baggage that is located on the left side, it is considerable capacity from the size of backpack of the same size.

The laptop PC is wrapped in a removable "LAPTOP HARNESS" to store it, and it is not necessary to have a protective case if you harvest harness when checking the airport.

In addition, there are 2 meters from the end of the zipper to the end, so that when you open it all you can easily pick up all kinds of luggage. For example, if you click on the image below, the GIF animation that opens the zipper will be played in a backpack whose front and side of the school bag are all open.

The shoulder strap is removable.

The buckle of the strap is made of carbon steel.

In addition, "GOBAG" is being solicited for investment by Kickstarter and already collecting more than twice the target amount at the time of article creation, it is nearly sure to commercialize. After investing 105 pounds (about 20,000 yen), "GOBAG DUFFLE (body)" and "WASH BAG (liquid bag)" a set of capital, "GOBAG DUFFLE" "WASH BAG "MAX PACK BAG (suction bag)" full set is available.

Product shipping is planned around October 2015 and shipping fee is charged 50 pounds (about 10,000 yen) separately. The deadline of investment is 21:00 on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

GOBAG - A Vacuum Compressible Carry - On Bag For Any Adventure by James Fyfe - Kickstarter

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Since the real thing arrived, I tried using it.

I tried to carry the back pack "GOBAG" for travel that can compress and store my baggage - GIGAZINE

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