I tried drinking "Gobyu suvu moucho plum soda" which squirt mochio became carbonated drink Souwashiwa

Pokka Sapporo's "Irritation"Beverages and Lake Ikebayashi's"Snow moucho"Carbonated drinks collaborated"Grape squirt Moucho plum soda"Is released only on Lawson since June 9, 2015 (Tue).Columno is soupOr,Sumo Moucho sprinklesIn some cases, I actually tried drinking because it tasted like sourced mochio became carbonated drink.

This is "gourd squashing moucho plum soda".

Heie grandma is printed on the logo of that drinking log. The contents drink seems to be umeishish color ... ...

When pouring it into the cup, it is colorless and transparent, you can see that the color of the package was transparent. Carbonic acid is strengthened with a Schwaszwa, and there is a sour savor of common plum drink.

You can see how the strength of carbonate is like by looking at the following movies poured into the glass.

The feeling of Shuwashwa of "Gourd Suttu Mucho Ume Soda" is like this - YouTube

Although it was just plum, I imagined the "salty" taste, but when I drink it, the gourd squirt moucio plum soda tastes "sweet and sour". If you think carefully Mucchio is also a sweet and sour snack, so if you think that sour melocio was drinking it is a taste of satisfaction.

Because it's peculiar, "Sumo Mochyo Premium Collagen PlumI decided to eat with him.

After eating sour soup with sweet and sour taste and then drinking "gourd sour tsu Muucho plum soda", it smells red from the mocho and it smells like that, but since the taste system is in the same direction, drinking without discomfort I can do it. It is a carbonated drink whose acidity is as good as refreshing, so it looks good in the coming summer season.

"Gabutu sutupu mochyo plum soda" is on sale at Lawson only from June 9. The price is 151 yen including tax.

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