Set your favorite pictures as watch face · Present new OS "watch OS 2" for Apple Watch full of new features such as e-mail reply, Available in fall 2015

OS Watch OS for Apple Watch will be released in May 2015First updateHas just been done, but the fact that the new OS "watchOS 2" is planned to be offered this autumn is "WWDC 2015"Was announced. With watchOS 2 you can put pictures on watch face, use Apple Watch sideways, and there are plenty of new features such as video playback and Wi-Fi correspondence.

Apple - Press Info - Apple Previews New Apple Watch Software

Apple - Live - June 2015 Special Event

Tim Cook introduces watchOS

And the appearance of watchOS 2

This connects to iOS 9 watchOS 2.

Evolution of existing applications & new applications

About watch face

You can set your favorite pictures as watch faces.

Like this.

In addition, it is possible to make a time lapse movie as a watch face

The Apple Watch setting the time lapse movie as the watch face is slick

Evolution of existing watch face

It seems that there are more functions that can be arranged around the clock

Time travel function. By turning the digital crown you can advance and return the time, you can check the schedule, weather and news of the day before or the next day. The time of the world clock displayed in the lower right (London in the image) also advances in parallel.

At night, I came home and charging Apple Watch.

"Night stand mode" where you can use Apple Watch in landscape orientation

In the morning when the alarm goes off, snooze with digital crown, alarm off with power button

Communication with Apple Watch

"Friends" function

Drawing with digital touch


Make email reply from Apple Watch

FaceTime Audio

Health & Fitness

Talk to Siri to set fitness goals

Notice of activity achievement and badge

Apple Watch's Apple Pay application

Master card and ...


Citi card

American Express

When doing payment with Bank of America etc.

Transit information will be available in the map application.

Siri also evolved

Talk to Siri and display transit information

Talk to Siri and display Instagram

Talk of the interface

Finally Apple Watch will be Wi-Fi ready

Apple Watch features and applications are slick


Music playback

Video playback



Taptic Engine

Open and close the car key

Operate the air conditioning in the car

From here we will start demonstration using the real machine of Apple Watch.

Open the photo app ... ....

Expanded with digital crown & pinch-in operation

Select one photo to expand further

Press the screen strongly and set the photo as the watch face

Time travel demo

Mail reply

Tap Reply, talk to Siri and create a reply

Talk to Siri "Please reply" I'd love to participate by all means "

It is safe to be able to check the mail body before replying.

Application that remotely controls Volkswagen's car "VW Car-Net"

Open and close the car key with one tap

It is also possible to adjust air conditioning inside the car

WeChat application

Reply with voice memo

Reply by stamp

Vine video playback

WatchOS 2 launches developer version today

It is scheduled to be launched this autumn for general use

Of course it's free

The presentation of Apple Watch is over.

In addition, the developer kit "WatchKit" for watchOS 2 has been released and it is now possible to develop native applications for Apple Watch using digital crowns, microphones, TapTic Engine, and health sensors.

Apple - watchOS 2

· Continued
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