Equipment that enabled fighting of beast and gladiator was reproduced in Colosseum

BySam valadi

Roman built in the year 80 ADColosseumIs a gigantic amphitheater that can accommodate about 50,000 people. In Colosseum, not only the battle of gladiators but also fighting between ferocious wildlife and gladiator were held as organizers, but the equipment which carried the wild animals to the floor where the fighting ground was carried out was reproduced It is open to the public.

Colosseum killing machine reconstructed after more than 1,500 years - Telegraph

Published at the Colosseum is an elevator carrying wild animals to the floor of the fighting ground to make it fight against gladiators. There are 28 wildlife elevators in the Colosseum, one of which was reproduced this time. It is possible to carry wild animals in the cage of the image and carry it to the upper floor, and up to 300 kg can be carried by the elevator.

I turned the rotary lever manually and raised the elevator cage.

The cage was lifted just below the trap door in the image, and when the entrance of the cage and the doors were opened the animals came out from inside.

He said he was pulling up two stones connected to the door to open the cage. The height of the elevator was about 7 m, and it seems that wolves and large cat animal have been carried to the field as gladiator 's partner.

You can check how the reproduced elevator is actually moving from the following movie.

Colosseum animal lift, reproduced for the first time in about 1800 years Rome's Colosseum recreates wild animal trap door system - YouTube

This was reproduced elevator. I feel it is a little small size, but I think that you can see the approximate size from the figure of the person visible above the elevator.

An adult male rotates the lever with four people ... ...

The elevator on which the woman has got up slowly.

When the elevator rises to the top, the trapdoor opens slowly ......

Animals come out from the cage under the trap door.

The elevator reproduced this time is scheduled to appear in the documentary work planned to be broadcast in the UK, and in shooting male wolves were actually carried to the stadium in the cage. Animals appear in the Colosseum for the first time in 1500 years.

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