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Hanamaru Udon finished in summer udon with natto or meatballs on a specially made grated rice with chopped Okra from June 5, 2015 (Fri), "Shirobama Natto Bukkake"Temple ball bukkake bukkake"Bowl of NepatroWe are on sale. I was going to go to a shop and eat it because it was to be able to eat udon plenty of sticky ingredients that I could make in hot weather.

Hana Naruhashi 2015 | The Udon noodles

I arrived at the Nadaru udon.

Inside the store, new products are being pushed as "Toro Ball Fair".

At the counter, I will order "Toro Ball Natto Bukkake (Small)", "Toro Ball Mebuku Bukkake (Small)" and "Nebatro Bowl". Udon can be chilled and warm.

That's why I received the item and went to the table. To the warm udon on the left "Toro Ball Mebuku Bukkake", I tried cold udon on "Rice ball natto bukkake" on the right.

First of all, "Tottorama Natto Bukkake" from.

Natto is accompanied by a cup.

Since natto soup stock is not included, even if you put on soy sauce on the table you like, it is ok.

Put the natto on udon ......

Shirobama Natto Bukkake is completed.

The ingredients are natto · bonito · raw egg

It is a summery udon with special kneaded grated rice with chopped okra.

When comparing udon size to iPhone 5s like this. I felt small even bigger than I thought.

Tangle with natto and special rice balls to slide on udon. Udon noodle with water has considerable elasticity. It is cold, dense eyed soup soy sauce, but it feels good when you eat it with sticky ingredients. If the juice is plenty of udon, there are things that it is hard to eat natto, but the ingredients are tangled just like the udon, so you can taste it without limit.

When you crush the eggs, it mixes with soup soy sauce and you can eat it with a taste like egg dish.

Next, I will eat "Toro Ball Mebaku Bukkake."

The ingredients are the same as the Torarobama Natto Bukkake, except that there is a mealball.

Pakuri as it is. Warm udon is not too tasty, udon 's hardness is also just good hardness. People who say "udon is too strong Koda ...." are warmer people. Mekabu is a seasoned seasoned with vinegar's sourness, it seems to be suitable for cold udon too.

At the end is "Nebatro Don". Kole is supplied with natto and egg separately, but it is in a state where it is finished. It contains natto, special sauce, tomato sauce and glue. I wondered whether to put whole eggs, but this time I tried putting in only yolk.

As nobody hangs on it, put soy sauce as you like.

If you mix lightly and eat it, the rice with natto, egg and tomatoes can not be tasty, and Morimori chopsticks advance even after eating udon. With luxurious omelette over natto rice, rice is not a bowl but a cup of tea bowl. It is good to ask in combination with other udon, as the ingredients will be the same when ordering with udon of Toraroba Fair.

In addition, the price of "Torarobama Natto Bukkake" and "Toro Ball Mebuku Bukkake" all include tax, small is 450 yen, medium is 550 yen, large 650 yen. Nebatro don bowl is ¥ 380 for a single item, and it is ¥ 530 if "Nebatro Bowl Set" that you can order 300 yen udon and Nebatro don bowl as a set.

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