Personal information of 4 million US government staff leaked by cyber attack, attack source is China and coverage

The computer system of the US government agency hacked, and it turned out that there was a risk that the personal information of the federal government official about 4 million people flowed out. In response to the incident, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has begun investigations, the Washington Post, the AP Association, the Wall Street Journal, etc. talked about government officials as saying that the attacker is China It is.

Chinese hackers breach federal government's personnel office - The Washington Post

China suspected in massive breach of federal personnel data

U. S. Suspects Hackers in China Breached About 4 Million People's Records, Officials Say - WSJ

It is the "Federal Human Resources Bureau" that manages personnel affairs of US government officials who got illegal access by hacking. After checking the system using the new tool in April 2015 at the department station, we confirmed that there was unauthorized access from the outside. In the subsequent survey, it seems that it seems that the accessed information includes data such as social security number of staff, professional duties, personnel evaluation, training situation, but data actually leaked Whether it is not obvious or not is said.

Donna Seymour, Federal Human Resources Bureau's Chief Information Officer said, "As the Federal Human Resources Administration maintains data on many Human Resources and these can be vital information for our opposing forces, Authorities can say that there is high "value" as an attack destination. " If leaked personal information is misused, there is also the possibility that important government information will be handed over to hostile forces due to acquisitions or intimidation.

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In the same departmentUnauthorized access also in March 2014After that, measures such as "review the cyber security system, introduce diagnostic tools and improve network functionality" were implemented. Seymour said, "As a result of countermeasures, we were able to sense this illegal entry."

Under the circumstances of unauthorized access, the station agreed with FBIDepartment of Homeland Security(DHS) to report the case. Regarding DHS executives, on condition of anonymity, "Hacking of this hand is always done, while the system that senses it continues to evolve, and the number of times illegal accesses are discovered is also increasing, "It is good news" about the fact that the station detected unauthorized access.

Regarding this incident, the station does not indicate a specific attack source, but major papers such as the Washington Post and AP correspond to the name of China as the attacking source and aid from specific agencies existing in China It is reported that it is hacking by the receiving group.

Former FBI staff,K2 Intelligence"China exists in various fields and aims to take advantage of all means to dominate the United States socially, economically, and politically than the United States," said Austin Bargrass of the company. The easiest way is to steal intellectual property and steal confidential information, "he told the Washington Post.

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