Digital window "4 Atkoph Window" that can connect the room and the world by delivering beautiful images of 4K shooting live

Mr. Kanji Nakano who was also developing a UI and a network service for game consoles at Nintendo, and Nakano Kyohei who was also Nintendo's UI development team leader said, "With the image and sound of 4K shooting worldwide A digital window developed with the concept of "spreading the landscape in my room" is "Atmoph Window"is. You can also deliver the beautiful landscape of the world with live streaming, and you can connect the room and the world and make it an open atmosphere.

Atmoph Window | smart digital window

Atmoph Window - Your Room Can Be Anywhere by Atmoph - Kickstarter

You can see well how you actually use the Atmoph Window and how it was developed in the following movies.

Atmoph Window - A Smart Digital Window (Japanese subtitles) - YouTube

Mr. Kang who developed the Atmoph Window lived in a room where only the next apartment was visible from the window at that time, and he felt a sense of stoppage.

It is the Atmoph Window which was developed to say "I want to see the nature spreading here."

By placing the Atmoph Window on the desk or hanging it on the wall, you will be able to see a beautiful view from the room.

Moreover, because it sends not only video but also sound, it feels like being in the place.

It is possible to produce a fireplace, not only natural scenery.

Atmoph Window on the wall.

Beyond that the infinite world spreads.

Read a book on a beautiful beach in Hawaii ... ...

Enjoy music with tropical wind ... ...

It is possible to drink alcohol while watching the night view of the city in the world.

Pictures used in Atmoph Window are photographers'Koetsu TaruiAndIizaka UniversityMr.,Ohnaka ReinaA photographer such as photographer independently shot using a high-performance microphone and a 4K camera. The picture is shrunk to fit 1920 × 1080 that was taken with a 4K camera, and it is said that it is finished more beautifully than the picture taken with a full HD camera. Also, you can enjoy not only the images that you have already taken, but also the state of the "current world" with live streaming.

An example of the image displayed in the Atmoph Window is as follows. About 10 photos are preinstalled, and other photos are purchased for 5 to 10 dollars (about 620 to 1250 yen) per online store. Even if you request a photo you want, it is OK. In addition, live streaming currently shoots London, Kyoto, New Zealand and so on.

The operation is simple, just select the scenery you like on iPhone or Android terminal.

It is possible to display time, weather, your schedule and so on.

Alarm function is attached, you can wake up with the voice of birds while shedding images of the forest.

Touch operation compatible display that can touch and stop the alarm.

"We are a small team, but we have continued to develop in order to express this new digital window," Kang said.

This will cost a lot of money, so this time the investment was recruited by Kickstarter of the Cloud Funding platform.

Atmoph Window is 640 × 380 × 55 mm, weighs 4.9 kg. I am using a 27-inch high contrast display.

The design looks something like this. There is a hole in the back for fixing to the wall, and the speaker is mounted on the top of the main unit.

Frame is oak, walnut, white, black, 4 colors.

Both from the lower left corner of the main unit the ivory cord is stretched. This cord is processed with cloth and it is designed not to break the atmosphere of the room.

You can display the schedule of the day, time / weather on the display, or use it instead of the calendar.

You can also synchronize the scenery with time and automatically change the landscape from morning till evening.

The smartphone application looks something like this. The picture is displayed together with the explanation of the location, and the appearance of adjusting the size of the sound from here as well.

You can also operate from Apple Watch.

Detailed specifications are as follows.

display:27 inch high contrast display (1920 × 1080), anti glare treated
CPU:Cortex-A5 processor(1.5 GHz quad core)
Storage (ROM):32 GB
Memory (RAM):1GB DDR3
size:Vertical 64 mm 0 × width 380 mm × thinness 55 mm
weight:4.9 kg
communication:Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n (2.4 GHz)
Others:3W full range speaker, H.265 hardware decoder, proximity · ambient light sensor

Atmoph Window 's market selling price is $ 699 (about 87,000 yen), but if you make a capital investment of 499 dollars (about 62,000 yen) on Kickstarter now, when you decide to commercialize 1 Atmoph Window It is possible to get. There are 250 equity capital of 499 dollars in total, while the article creation is now remaining 159 frames. In addition, you can get 3 sets of Atmoph Window's set with 1199 dollars (about 150,000 yen) with a capital of 799 dollars (about 99,000 yen), such as Atmoph Window's It is a mechanism that the number changes. If shipping to Japan is done, a separate shipping fee of $ 20 (about 2500 yen) is required, shipping will be scheduled for March 2016.

The deadline of investment is 19:05 on June 11, 2015 in Japan time.

Atmoph Window - Your Room Can Be Anywhere by Atmoph - Kickstarter

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