A brick made by 3D printer "Cool Brick" which makes comfortable interior by changing hot air to cold air

Japan's early summer in 2015 recorded an average temperature higher than usual, but as it gets hot it can be spent in a cool room by turning a fan or a cooler and avoid heat stroke and the like . On the other hand, in long ago desert areas, until the cooling system like a cooler has appeared, it uses a providence that deprives the surrounding heat when the liquid evaporatesVaporization cooling"It was said that special windows that produced cold wind were used. Using such a vaporization cooling system, a special brick which can take outside air into cold air and take it indoors is made in 3D printer "Cool Brick"is.


"Vaporization cooling" is a natural phenomenon in which the temperature of air decreases as water vapor is contained in the air. Until refrigeration and refrigeration technology was invented, evaporative cooling has been used for over 1,000 years. Representative things are used in houses such as Arab located in the desert area "MashrabiyaIt is a grid of windows called. In 2007, we put a sun-dried container in a grid-like window like Mashura Beya to put the cold wind by evaporation cooling into the room "Masatase type evaporative cooling system"Has been announced.

(PDF file)http://greenpassivesolar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Evaporative-Cooling.pdf

"EMERGING OBJECTS" which manufactures unique and comfortable building materials using 3D printers is influenced by Mashura Beya and Massatize type evaporative cooling system, and as a new material that improves cooling efficiency, "Cool Brick"Was developed. Cool Brick has become a brick using porous ceramics, it absorbs water like a sponge, but it is designed to allow air to pass through. When air passes through Cool Brick, the moisture retained inside is transferred to the wind from the micro hole and enters the room, so it will be a cool wind with reduced temperature due to evaporative cooling.

This is Cool Brick.

Cool Brick can connect each block, since the irregularities on the surface fit like a puzzle, you can firmly adhere with mortar material. In addition, the special shape that has been decorated has a sunshade effect, which not only lowers the surface temperature but also prevents material deterioration due to strong sunlight. Since windows and formwork are unnecessary, in theory it is possible to make houses with only Cool Brick if the climate is dry, if you leave the water near the Cool Brick, the whole wall will be in the power supply It is said that it will become an unnecessary natural cooler.

I do not know whether Cool Brick will be commercialized, but it was said that it was exhibited at the Craft & Design Museum in San Francisco during the period from January 17th to April 19th 2015.

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