Record communication speed exceeding 2 Gbps in 5 G communication experiment using multiple MIMO streams simultaneously

Swedish communication equipment maker ·EricssonIs conducting experiments of the 5th generation mobile communication system (5G) that can deliver communication speeds exceeding 10 Gbps with large capacity of 1000 times or more of LTE. In the experiment of the other day, it is a technology to improve communication quality by using multiple antennas for transmission and receptionMIMOBy using multiple streams themselves, the communication speed of 2 Gbps or more is recorded. I release the demonstration movie on YouTube.

New 5G innovations boost mobile data speeds - Ericsson

Where you are actually communicating can be seen in the following movie.

5G live test demo: Multipoint Connectivity with Distributed MIMO - YouTube

Mr. Dr. Håkan Andersson, Ericsson's 5G strategic product manager.

5G has features such as high-speed communication of more than 10 Gbps, network latency less than 1 millisecond, capacity more than 1000 times more energy efficiency.

As a technology for improving communication quality, there is "MIMO" adopted in LTE etc. However, if the base is in the same place even in MIMO, communicationconvergenceThere was a problem that effect did not come out. To solve that, Andersson and others think "Multiple MIMOIt is said that it is.

In the movie, it shows you what actually happens with multiple MIMO communication. A wagon car stopped in front of Mr. Andersson is loaded with communication equipment that occupies the seat.

From here, Mr. Pater Nauclér, who is in charge of the experiment, is invited.

Experiments are conducted in Sweden and the United States, and there are several 5G antennas installed in the town.

First of all, when communicating with MIMO normally, the speed is displayed as 1785 Mbps. The lower left figure is a schematic diagram of the current communication situation and the communication base is the same, so the radio waves that are flying towards the car are painted with the same green color.

In the case of multiple MIMO, radio waves are separated by green and blue because they are different streams. The communication speed is 2504 Mbps, in fact it exceeds 2.5 Gbps.

From now on, the number of smartphone users will be more than twice the current number, and the traffic volume is considered to be more than eight times the current by 2020, so it is difficult to maintain high quality communication only with the current technology so. The day when 5 G or "multiple MIMO" is useful may not be so far.

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