Decide that aspartame will not be used for diet pepsi

Aspartame unused diet Pepsi will be released in the USA in August 2015PepsiCoMr. Seth Kaufmann announced.

Diet Pepsi to ditch the aspartame

Pepsi to ditch aspartame in Diet Pepsi

Mr. Seth Kaufmann, senior vice president of PepsiCo North America, said, "Consumers want a diet pepsi that is not used aspartame, PepsiCo offers the desired diet pepsi" "PepsiCo understands the change in consumer demand I am convinced that Coke enthusiasts will enjoy the new diet Pepsi and potato chips. " In addition, PepsiCo announces additionally that "all the beverages we offer are safe." The new diet Pepsi will be labeled "NOW ASPARTAME FREE" (aspartame not used) and will appear in the US in August 2015.

According to sales data of the carbonated soft drink market in 2014, sales of diet pepsi decreased by 5.2% compared with the previous year, and sales of diet coke decreased by 6.6%, a beverage industry paperBeverage DigestIt reports. Furthermore, Diet Cork which is a rival of diet Pepsi said that there is no plan to change sweetener.

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Mr. John of Beverage Digest said, "PepsiCo can not afford to watch over the decrease in diet Pepsi's sales, and there is a possibility that the new diet Pepsi may return consumers who have lost, but the new diet Pepsi has risks," The taste of the new diet Pepsi may confuse consumers of existing diet Pepsi. "

Aspartame critics are satisfied with the move to sell a new diet Pepsi, but some critics say that there is still a problem with the new diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi will continue to use acesulfame potassium and Michael Jacobson of Public Interest Science Center said "Consumers should avoid acesulfame potassium" "Because acesulfame potassium is insufficiently validated, carcinogenesis There is a possibility of ". PepsiCo strongly denies from the results of decades of research against insistence that inspection is insufficient.

Mr. Jacobson said, "As more than three reliable studies showed that aspartame causes cancer, consumers began to choose better ones." On the other hand, if the total amount consumed is limited, aspartame safety has been establishedMount Sinai Beth IsraelClinical nutrition Rebecca Blake said. Mr. Jacobson said "I should avoid all coke, the first is to drink water."

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