Penelope & Kusui Gundam of "Sengoku Hathaway" is overwhelmingly overwhelming from ROBOT soul and solidified

It is one of the Gundam series works, although it has not been animated, "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack - Berchka / ChildrenAs a sequel to "The universe century after Amuro and Chia, which was not told, has disappeared"Mobile Suit Gundam Senko no Hathaway"is. The main character is Bright Noah's son Hathaway Noah who appears in the first Gundam, Gundam type mobile suits dedicated to the new type "Ξ (Kusui) GundamWe board the boat. In front of such Hathaway is the Lane Aim, the pilot of the Earth Federation Army, that he boards is "Penelope". Because I became interested in what it looks like Penelope, which is characterized by a unique voluminous design as if wearing a cloak, when it becomes three-dimensional, "Soul Summer Ko 2015"I have seen the real thing on display.

Robot Spirit (Ka signature) Penelope | Soul Web

Robot Spirit (Ka signature) Penelope Marking Plus Ver. | Soul Web

The exhibition booth looks like this. Phennerpe (right) and Kusee Gundam (left) were exhibited in the center of the venue.

This is a marking plus version of Penelope who boards from the ROBOT soul. The total height is about 185 mm, it seems that there is about 1/100 Gundam size.

From the ROBOT soul, two types of marking plus version and regular version will be sold. "Penelope marking plus Ver." Has been painted on the main body exterior and the marking designed for each part of the aircraft is printed on the main body from the beginning rather than from the transfer seal.

Looking up, we found Odysseus Gundam in the back of the Penelope unit.

Looking further up, this way. It is painted neatly up to the eyebrow section.

If you look at the parts up, you can see that a fine character string etc. normally expressed by a sticker is printed firmly on the main body.

right side. Just being surprised by the many parts that are too fine ... ....

Left side. The Penelope unit covers the inner Odysseus Gundam from waist to top.

The package is an illustration drawn by Kataki Hajime.

This intimidation feeling ... ....

From the front. White armor parts are two tone color.

Leg parts are also quite fine.

From the back the parts are stretched like a tail.

The shipping schedule of "Penelope marking plus Ver." Is September 2015.

This is Kusugi Gundam (equipped with missile container) which was exhibited together. It is considerably slim than Penelope, but this is also a big size here.

The head part seems to be renewed. Kusui Gundam is a Gundam type mobile suit dedicated to New Type on which Hathaway boards.

Coloring is an arcade game "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi BoostIt seems to follow the version.

From the right.

Unlike "Penelope marking plus Ver.", Stickers are stuck on each part in detail.


On the back is a newly added micro missile pod.

Since Kusui Gundam (equipped with missile container) is a reference exhibit, the release timing and price are undecided.

In addition, "Penelope" is 20 thousand yen including tax, "Penelope marking plus Ver." Is 20,8080 yen including tax, it is ordered and the deadline for orders is "May 31 (Sun ) 23 o'clock, "Penelope marking plus Ver." Is until 4 pm on Thursday, June 23.

Robot Spirits Penelope | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Website

Robot Spirits Penelope Marking Plus Ver. | Premium Bandai | Bandai Official Website

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