"Ship" This Kimono Kai 2 × Haruna Kai 2 × Musashi Kai × Daiwa Kai etc. AGP New Movable Figure is like this

Combining the know-how of Bishoujo figures that Bandai cultivated with "S.H.Figuarts" and "Figuarts ZERO" with the "movable" technology stacked up with robot figures including "Super Alloy" and "Robot Spirits"Armor Girls Project(AGP). As a new figure of such AGP, the ship "King Kang"Haruna Kaiji"Musashi Kai"Yamato Kai"Appears and will be held on May 30 and 31, 2015Soul Summer Ko 2015As I was supposed to be exhibited at the exhibition held on 29th, I watched what the real thing was like.

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This is the space where the new work of AGP is displayed.

This isKing Kang. Shield-like outfit features.

The painting of the face parts is also polite and has become very detailed detail to the detail.

A huge armor like a shield is attached to the tip of the outfit, a turret behind it. The outfitting is also removable.

In addition, Kimono Kai 2 is scheduled to be released in October 2015 with tax of 12,000 yen.

Then I found Haruna Kaiji. It is becoming a lively posing, and you can see that it is a wide range of movement as much.

Looking up Haruna Kaiji in this way.

Outfitted parts with more sense of volume than Kimono Kai 2. The machine gun on the turret has been reproduced.

Looking from the side like this.

Since the moving parts are used for the joint part of the limbs, it is possible to bend the foot so far.

Haruna Kaiji is a reference exhibition and price and release time are both unknown.

nextYamato Kai. I had you show off at Bandai head office last timeYamatoThe redesigned specification of, furthermore the outfit that became larger is characteristic.

The cute will not change even if it changes.

Characteristically long silhouette.

The character of "non-theoretical power" in the tights of the left foot.

The turret made it very tight.

In addition, Yamato Kai is scheduled to be released in September 2015 with tax of 12,000 yen.

The last one is Yamato Type 2Musashi Kai.

Looking up, this way. Because it can move to the wrist, fine posing is also handy.

It is a tremendous proportion.

Even in the middle, it is only the top class performance and the turret is super huge.

Musashi Kai is scheduled to be released in June 2015 with tax of 12,000 yen.

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