It seems that "Now on tap" that works by automatically searching necessary information for smartphone just by pressing and holding this button works like this

"Google is promoting development"Now on TapIs a function that searches semi-automatically for the information that the user would need at the time just by pressing and holding the home button of the Android terminal. Google's event for developers "Google I / O 2015"Now on Tap announced at the place is actually working in the movie is released.

Inside Search: "Now on tap" to help you with what you need in the moment, anywhere on your phone

Now on Tap is the coolest Android feature in a long time | The Verge

"Now on Tap" is a new mobile OS "Android M"New features that are being developed in a way that matches the release of," already provided "Google NowIt was made more intelligent. Google Now isAt that time we provide the necessary information at the right timingAlthough it was a function intended to do, "Now on Tap" appears to be literally "Concept that you can use Google Now by tapping".

How to use is a simple thing just to tap the home button and hold it long as you want to check something. For example, in a message with a friend, "And tonight, why do not you go to see the movie" Tomorrowland "?" When you receive an invitation, Android automatically determines the necessary information by holding down the home button on the message screen It will display the search results. From the display result, movie information site "IMDbIt is also possible to go to see directly.

Also, when friends are invited to dinner, they also search quickly for shop information,YelpYou will be able to reach store information such as.

In addition, when listening to music, you can open a musician's information site by just launching Now on Tap and asking by voice, "Who is lead vocal?"

If it is a conventional method, it is compared with the procedure of starting up the browser first and entering the keyword by himself and doing the search if there is something unknown in the conventional method, it is possible to obtain information in a dramatically simple way It means to be able to investigate. In the movie below you can see how The Verge reporter is actually using Now on Tap.

Now on Tap is the coolest Android feature in a long time - Google I / O 2015 - YouTube

From a friend "Pitch · Perfect 2Would you like to go see it? I am a movie that I do not know very well, but I received a message saying that I'm watching all the movies of Ana Kendrick. But, when you do not understand movies or actors at all ...

Temporarily push the home button for the time being.

Then, the actressAna KendrickAnd the search result of the movie "Pitch · Perfect 2" was displayed.

Furthermore, it is possible to tap on each link and immediately check the information.

When you are watching pictures entitled "Flora Grubb Gardens" in Instagram and you are launching Now on Tap ... ...

existFlora Grubb GardensThe information of is displayed.

When using Now on Tap when written about "Walter Isaacson" on Twitter ......

Writer'sWalter IsaacsonA search result indicating Mr. was displayed.

If it is a writer, it is a place to worry about what kind of work is there. Even if you ask a question like "What is his past book?"

biography"Steve Jobs"Mr. Isaacson's work history was searched.

Now on tap that is running in movies is a beta version and it is still in a state that still has a small bug, but it seems to be a function that can be reached quickly with the information I want more than ever.

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