"Pac-Man 256" who dared to gamer bugs that occur on Pac-Man's 256 faces

PacmanIt is a famous phenomenon in Pac-Man players that bugs such as collapse of the map and suspension of game progress occur when you continue playing the arcade version of 256 and reaching 256 rounds. To celebrate Pac-Man's 35th birthday in 2015, a game based on this bug "Pac-Man 256","Crossy Road"Hipster Whale and Bandai Namco have jointly developed it.

Pac - Man 256 edited by creators of Crossy Road

The trailer movie of Pac - Man 256 can be seen from the following.

Pac-Man 256 for iPhone and iPad Trailer - YouTube

Pac-Man on the game screen.

"A game based on a famous bug occurring at level 256"

Suddenly, a strange happens to characters on the screen.

And a bug where the right side of the board surface was filled with alphanumeric characters appeared. On the left side, the normal game board face is displayed. This bug is a game program created with 8 bitsSurpassing the number of planned surfacesIt was happening by that.

Pac-man is of course the main character of "Pac-man 256".

Enemy monsters Macyibse (PINKY), Oikake (BLINKY), Kimagure (INKY), Otoboke (CLYDE) will also appear.

Before the characters look up ... ...

Alphameric catastrophic characters appearing on 256 bugs are filling the sky.

Otokeike smiled at eyes.

Bugs will attack Pac-Man.

Pacman who is chased after the enemy monster in the back with a bug floating sky.

The play screen of "Pac-man 256" looks like the following. In the arcade version, the right side of the screen was displayed as a bug, but in "Pac - man 256" the alphabet is moving in the lower half of the screen. What will happen if these bugs are touched ...?

Pachman who eats mugen from enemies with feeling similar to ordinary Pacman except the bottom of the screen.

Something may be hidden also on the board surface which seems to have no bug element.

An enemy monster that looks like an obsession.

Pac-man sandwiched between enemies, desperate situation.

"Pac-man 256" will be released for summer 2015 for smartphones and tablets.

To clear Pac-Man, we collect all 244 pack dots on the screen, but in the 256 face bug occurring in arcade version Pac-Man, only 9 pack dots are displayed on the right side of the screen, consuming life Even if I reset the board surface, I could not clear it because I could not collect 244 pieces, so it was in a state that I could not clear it. In "Pac-man 256", what kind of playing method will lead to clearing the game, attention is paid to the follow-up report in the future.

Recorded a number of Namco's masterpiece games "Namco Museum"The maniac option" which can see the bug of 256 faces of Pac-Man on the original street of the arcade version is installed. Continuous play was indispensable in the arcade version, but since the Namco Museum has Continue function, it is possible to reach up to 256 someday if you progress further.

PSP / NAMCO MUSEUM | Features of original version

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