I ate McDonald's "Vegitable Chicken Burger" etc. using chicken patty with colorful vegetables in full

Mos Burger'svegetable saladOr Yoshinoya's meatless vegetable only bowl "Beef bowl"As healthy-oriented products using vegetables are on sale, McDonald's will be using Chicken Patty that has colorful vegetables incorporated from May 25, 2015Vegetable Chicken Burger"Vegetable Chicken Muffin"Regular new work menu for the first time in 11 years"Mogmog Mac"And a salad's new product"Side salad basil sauceWe released the. I actually went to McDonald 's to eat all the products in order to ascertain the taste of rare patties containing edamame, corn and carrot.

Vegetable Chicken Muffin | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

Vegetable Chicken Burger | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

Mogmog Mac | Campaign | McDonald's

Side Salad Basil Sauce | Menu Information | McDonald's Japan

I came to McDonald's. A poster of "Vegetable Chicken Muffin" has already appeared.

The time we went to the shop was in the morning of Mac, so we first order "Vegetable Chicken Muffin" and "Side Salad Basil Sauce" which are provided as morning Mac items. Side Salad Basil sauce can also be ordered on regular menu.

We will receive the ordered item and we will eat it at once.

This is "Vegetable Chicken Muffin" containing McDonald 's new patty, which is 285 Kcal per one.

Lettuce and special vegetable sauce are on the top of chicken patty in which corn, carrots, and eatspot is kneaded.

Looking at the cross section, you can see that vegetables such as corn are contained in patties of pasted chicken like chicken nugget. When I try to eat, it is a patty that makes you feel a chillin 'mouthful texture, but it is rather like a hamburger steak with okara. Very crisp taste with vegetables and shakijaki lettuce appearing in chewiness. The sauce has a mild acidity, you can also feel the sweetness of vegetables.

The surface is firmly grilled and fragrant finish.

Since edamame and so on are contained like this, you can enjoy a different texture. The umami of chicken is small, but it seems to be just right for breakfast.

Then "side salad basil sauce". Energy is 76 Kcal and very healthy.

Basil sauce is in the bottom from the beginning.

It is a source with a higher viscosity, so you need to shake it firmly.

It is like this when you dress up. Basil is dotted in some places, it smells like pasta's Genovese sauce.

Vegetables in side salad are lettuce · paprika · purple cabbage · corn etc.

Basil sauce is seasoned with dark eyes. Good compatibility with vegetables, macaroni is also included so it may be enough for breakfast.

After eating and finishing back to the cash register, the menu was usually sold. I ordered "Vegetable Chicken Burger" and "Mogmog Mac" which I could not order in the morning Mac.

Let's eat from "vegetable chicken burger". One energy is 293 Kcal. Unlike vegetable chicken muffins, tomatoes are slowly peeking.

When you open the buns, you will find chicken patty, tomato, lettuce, special vegetable sauce from the bottom.

This time Chicken Patty is brisk.

When you eat it, sweetness of corn and edamame is felt, vegetable sauce often complements the flavor of chicken. The vegetable chicken muffin I ate with Mac in the morning and the patties and sauce used are the same, but Bran Buns seems to be more compatible than muffins, and the freshness of tomatoes also adds, so even vegetable burger is said to respond there is.

The end is "Mogmog Mac". The energy is 276 Kcal, the same buns as hamburger is used.

There was no lettuce in it, plenty of ketchup was used instead of special vegetable sauce.

Because the sauce is ketchup, people who are not good at vegetable sauce seems to be good. It is a very simple and eatable meal, and it has become a hamburger that can also consume vegetables.

The price of "vegetable chicken muffin" is 230 to 290 yen, "side salad basil sauce" is 330 to 370 yen, "vegetable chicken burger" is 340 to 370 yen, "mogmog mak" is 200 yen , Both are tax-inclusive prices.

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