Devices that may be "iPhone 6c" mistakenly appeared on the Apple Store for a moment,

It seems that development is proceeding as the next model that Apple will appear in 2015IPhone 6c"(Tentative name) It turned out that the image of the terminal that appeared to be mistakenly posted on the page of the Apple Store.

Apple Accidentally Posts Photo Of New iPhone - Forbes

Here is an image that was posted on the Apple Store for just a moment. Although it looks like the pink resin back covers and side buttons that took over the characteristics of the iPhone 5c as it is, the home button at the bottom of the screen is mounted on the iPhone 5s and beyondTouch IDAnd you can see that the square mark on the home button such as 5c has disappeared. In addition, because it compares with the size of Lightning Dock displayed below and the application icon displayed on the home screen is in 6 vertical columns, the screen size is 4 inches equivalent to iPhone 5c It is a pattern.

This image is sold on the Apple Store UK siteIPhone Lightning DockThings that were posted as one of the image images of. Immediately after publication, Apple Store UK immediately deleted images as information got spread from one who saw the site one by one. When I confirmed it at the time of article creation, on the site, the image using iPhone 5c was displayed.

IPhone Lightning Dock - Apple Store (UK)

As you can see, the home button that was Touch ID has changed to a conventional one.

The interesting thing about this case is that this image was not posted on an external information site but on Apple's own site. It's not like an anticipated illustration released by an outside human being, but it is a terminal image that Apple is preparing directly, so I am curious about how much its credibility will be. Whether this model will become "iPhone 6c" equipped with the A8 chip installed in the iPhone 6 series, or whether it will become a minor improved version just by installing the Touch ID in the current type iPhone 5c at the time of writing the article unknown. In addition, even though it is wondering whether successor models of the iPhone 5c that had been reported as bad are released, it is thought that various opinions will fly around.

If this model is added, it is also expected that the iPhone series will be a line-up configuration in which three sized screens line up.Strong worldwideIt is the place where interest is gathered only to iPhone which is transmitted, what kind of next one will be.

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