VR headset Oculus Rift requires high spec machines equivalent to gaming PC

VR headset which has come close to commercialization as the development has finally reached its final stage "Oculus Rift"The recommended operating environment was announced. In addition, development environment is prioritized on Windows platform, it is also clarified that development on Mac OS and Linux will be suspended temporarily.

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Why is the VR headset "Oculus Rift" hardware, why?Acquired Facebook for over 200 billion yenWhether there is future prospect as much as you can see is understood by looking at the following article.

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Oculus Rift development Oculus VR released, the minimum operating environment that can comfortably use Oculus Rift is as follows.

· GPU:NVIDIA GTX 970 or more or AMD Radeon R 9 290 or more
·CPU:Intel Core i 5 - 4590 or more
·memory:8 GB or more
· OS:Windows 7 SP1 or later
· Others:HDMI output port (1.3 or later), USB 3.0 port × 2,

Oculus Rift has a resolution of 1080 × 1200 with a single lens and is designed to operate with a screen resolution of 2160 × 1200 at a refresh rate of 90 Hz with both eyes combined. In the general 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution, the refresh rate 60 Hz image changes the number of 124,461,600 pixels per second, whereas in Oculus Rift it needs to change 233.28 million pixels nearly twice that there is. According to Technical Director Artman Binstock, in the default state, processing is performed at about 400 million pixels per second, and since this rendering cost corresponds to about 3 times processing of 1080p, relatively high Performance GPU and CPU are required.

In the past, Oculus Rift was developed by Mac OS and Linux, but in order to deliver higher quality VR experiences to users, the development environment has been focused on Windows OS. "I want to resume development on OS X and Linux, but there is no specific time schedule so far," says Binstock.

Oculus Rift is scheduled to be marketed in Q1 (January to March) in 2016.

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