Six men who challenged the experiment to simulate manned flight to "Mars" in 520 days of withdrawal life

Mars-500In the long-term mission such as manned exploration to Mars which will be carried out in the future, we will investigate how the shared life in the closed space called a space ship will affect the astronaut's physical body and mind It is a project for. During the 520 days from June 3, 2010 to November 4, 2011, six subjects gathered from Russia, Italy, France and China were confined in a closed space that can hardly be contacted outside and experiments were conducted It was.

«Mars-500» project

Six Men Spent 520 Days Locked in a Room to See If You Could Live on Mars | Motherboard

The experiment led by the project "Mars - 500" was conducted in Moscow, the eighth largest city in the world. In the experiment, 620 subjects gathered from all over the world were confined in the closed space for 520 days, and what kind of influence appears during the periodGroup dynamicsAnd individual psychology from the point of view.

A closed space where 6 subjects spent 520 days looks like this.

Astronauts who received various training such as experimental learning and survival training over 6 months and cleared a certain level became candidates for subjects and candidates gathered from multiple countries and regions such as Russia, China and Europe were psychologically By finally gradually reducing the number from medical assessment, six elite were finally chosen. From the left, Mr. Alexei Citev (Russia), Mr. Romain Charles (France), Mr. Alexander Smorevski (Russia), Mr. Sukrob Kamorov (Russia), Mr. Wang Yao (China), Diego Oubina He is Mr. Italy.

And the experiment started in the closed space set up in Moscow's laboratory from June 3, 2010. During the experiment, the subjects in the closed space became almost inaccessible to the outside, and they seemed to be able to come in contact with a little external people at the time of urine and blood sampling inspection.

The breakdown of 520 days during the experiment period is that the first 250 days are to fly to Mars, the subsequent 30 days to stay on Mars and the remaining 240 days to return to Earth, the first and last month It was possible for the crew to make radio contact with the Space Control Center or to send a video message. In addition, by calculating the time lag that would occur at the time of communication, by directing even small deviations during actual communication, all elements other than "weightlessness" and "radiation" are reproduced. In addition, it seems that it was impossible to use the Internet and make a phone call in the closed space, but it is possible to upload photos in the closed space once every 2 days, and these pictures are taken from the subject's family It is said that it was sent to.

The crew gets up at 8 o'clock in the morning, runs, moves the body, measures blood pressure, and performs other health maintenance activities. Each crew will work on each experiment for 8 hours. For example, on the surface of Mars, experiments were conducted to simulate how the activity changes. And after dinner, it seems that each person was able to use time freely.

Training time


Mr. Uubina, one of the subjects, looked back on the experiment and said, "There was a time when I was not so busy, but it was hard for those who were" boring "such as those who did not get bored at all times Although it was there, it is also true that I always tried to find something to do and I was trying to keep myself busy. "

The subjects spent a year and a half in the closed space, but they seem to have killed time with games, reading, movie appreciation, etc. at a boring time. Six subjects were particularly "Counter-Strike(Counter Strike) ", he said that he played frequently," (Counter Strike) is a game that we really liked.Onterically, even if you try to play other games none of them will come nicely "Mr. Woobina says.

Sometimes I relax and chill around free time ......

It seems that there was also a case of deepening friendship with other crew.

And somehow sessions with everyone. It is a very strange sight.

During the experiment period Mr. UubinaGabriel Garcia-MarquezHe seemed to set a goal to read all his books, but he could not read all. From this experience, "The best thing about long-term space flight is to have a short to medium term objective.When you keep yourself in a busy state committed to that purpose, a successful awaken has a sense of accomplishment I realized that this sense of accomplishment is the most valuable. "

Some of the subjects have problems relating to sleep, but Mr. Wovena seems to have enjoyed positively and positively living in the closed space without having any problems. Even Mr. Uubina who had been enjoying the experiment period seemed to have a problem feeling that "it is difficult to cope", "I was out of the world, my colleagues were wonderful people, but I want to meet someone who is strangers I thought that I wanted to go out and wish to go out for the night, "he says, and he said that life and human relationships that hardly replied were unbearable.

Subjects arrived at Mars after 250 days of space exploration. In that case, a press conference was held outside the closed space.

At the press conference, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Diego walking on the prepared virtual Mars surface were displayed on the monitor.

On the website of Mars - 500 on the project10 piecesThe main science objectives are written in a row. For the purpose of the experiment, it ranges from "test of life support equipment" to "investigation of methods to predict the health condition of the crew and work capacity". One of the most successful experiments conducted during the project is an experiment on meals, led by Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Experiments that need to know accurate information up to the subject's dietary details are usually very difficult because it is necessary to observe eating habits and conduct extensive follow-up surveys with a monitoring period of several weeks is. However, the subject's meals were completely managed in Mars - 500, physical examinations were done everyday, so we were able to provide perfect samples to the university. In the experiment, the salt intake of the crew is gradually reduced, the influence caused by this is investigated, it is found that the salt balance influences human blood pressure and metabolism, and it is more than the influence which was originally forecasted It is said that a very interesting experimental result was obtained.

The subject's meal during the experiment is like this.

"The experience of going out of the closed space after the experiment period of 520 days was the most mysterious experience in my life so it took us months to get used to normal life, From this experience I was hit by a sense as if I came to another world, "Mr. Uubina talks about the feeling after the 520-day experiment period.

Pictures in the closed space used by Mars - 500 can be viewed from the following. Not only the closed space but also the state of the six subjects who lived in it can be seen.

MARS-500 VR-tour

In addition, it seems that 6 million subjects who participated in the 520-day experiments were paid 3 million rubles (about 7.3 million yen).

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