I have been eating such as "Made with a rice salad" Pastorum pork and paprika "with rye bread" that you can eat raw vegetables of Moss' s attention and seed flax seeds

Mos Burger uses fresh domestic vegetables purchased from 3000 cooperating farmers nationwide to raw vegetables to use, and has a reputation for the quality of vegetables. I can eat plenty of such "moss raw vegetables"Feast salad "Pastrami pork and paprika" with rye bread"Commitment vegetable paprika salad"Has been on sale since May 19, 2015 (Tue), so I went to a shop to taste the Mos Burger's sticking vegetables and ate it.

Meal salad with pastami pork and seasonal paprika "Feast salad" Pastrami pork and paprika "with rye bread" - Simultaneously introducing "Paprika salad of commitment vegetables"
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Feast salad "Pastrami pork and paprika" with rye bread (refreshing Japanese style dressing) | period · season · limited quantity menu | MOS burger official website

Commitment vegetable paprika salad (refreshing Japanese style dressing) | period · season · quantity limited menu | Mos burger official website

Arrived at Mos Burger.

"We ordered a feast salad" Pastrami pork and paprika "with rye bread (refreshing Japanese style dressing)" and "commitment vegetable paprika salad (refreshing Japanese style dressing)".

A salad ordered in about 5 minutes was delivered.

First of all, from the feast salad "Pastrami pork and paprika". You can see that vegetables are very colorful and fresh vegetables are used.

I tried putting the iPhone 5s next to the salad's device and it looks like this. It is just right size to eat alone.

Rye bread with walnuts of honka is attached.

Provided in a state that it is warmed hotly when held with hands. It is fluffy and soft bread.

The salad was accompanied by a separate appendix "Fresh crisp dressing".

Looking at the raw materials, it seems that it contains solid brewed vinegar, soy sauce, seafood extract, konboshi etc., and it becomes a solid Japanese style dressing.

Pour the dressing on the salad. Because the oil is separated in the bag, it seems better to put it with your hands.

Roasted flax and petite tomato are on the top of the salad. With flax is "flaxThe seeds are sold as "linseed oil (flux oil)" which eats the seed as it is or extracts from the seed. Human beings can not make it in the bodyOmega-3 fatty acidIt is rich in ingredients,Effect on dementia preventionIt is said to be high and has been drawing attention.

Lettuce is colored as a beautiful green as if it was drawn in a picture, and it seems not to be fake in the product name "sticking vegetables". Fresh vegetables purchased by Mos Burger from 3,000 cooperating farmers nationwide do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers as much as possible.

Mix well with dressing and mull a salad. Petit tomato with sharp texture was surprised to have a taste freshly "it is totally different from the super tomato I had ate during this time!" There is a texture of linseed flavored with bubble wrap when eating, I feel a fragrant scent similar to sesame.

Shredded cabbage and shredded lettuce were hidden towards the bottom.

The pastrami pork is a spicy ham and it fits well with the Shakiyaki vegetables. Dressing was soy sauce base which made sesame oil smell savory effective, so that you could eat vegetables easily.

Sliced ​​onion is firmly exposed to water, you can not feel pungent.

I will try to eat garnish. I tried to break it with hands and it was elastic bread contrary to the soft feel.

It is a bread with walnuts filled with rags, but since it is rich with elasticity, it is rich in eating habits. It was felt slightly sweet, it was a level of full-fledged rye and it seemed to be sold also by bakeries. The set of vegetables and bread had more response to eating than I thought, but it may be a bit unsatisfactory for men. It seems to be just right for a lunch while on a diet.

"Vegetable paprika salad" contains vegetables such as feast salad "Pastrami pork and paprika" same flax and so on, but no pastrami pork and rye bread.

It is recommended that you can eat vegetables easily when you eat it with hamburger's accompaniment as it is sized to eat with pork.

The price of the feast salad "Pastrami pork and paprika with rye bread" is 440 yen including tax, "Paprika salad of commitment vegetables" 240 yen including tax. It is limited-time sale from May 19th (Tuesday) to mid-October at Mos Burger nationwide.

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