What is the startup company "21" that developed "Bitcoin mining chip" that can be mounted on a smartphone and its strategy

A startup company newly launched in Silicon Valley "twenty one"Is a chip that can generate the virtual currency" Bitcoin (bit coin) "BitShare"Was developed. In general, it is a strategy of "21" which shows the opposite direction to the world of Bitcoin mining which is said to require huge equipment, but there seems to be a hidden concept of new Bitcoin utilization is.

Bitcoin Startup 21 Unveils Product Plan: Embeddable Chips for Smartphones - Digits - WSJ

The fundamental difference between the money that is generally circulated with the virtual currency "Bitcoin" is that Bitcoin is able to miniaturize Bitcoin one after another by an action called "mining". Therefore, in China and around the worldA huge facility for digging out BitcoinIs running, and Bitcoin mining is being advanced at this moment.

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In such a situation, the startup company "21" developed "BitShare" of a small chipset dedicated to Bitcoin mining. BitShare, which is a chip small enough to be built in smartphone-like terminals, can be said to go against the tide of the world, but in the background it is not a means to make Bitcoin mining as a "money-making", but to live more The concept of utilizing it as a method to realize an easy society is hidden.

◆ Startup company "21" and its concept
"21" officially announced launch in May 2015 is a company which started business after detailed 18-month trend survey of the Bitcoin community. When asking "start-up", it is often associated with a small company that a few founders gathered and started up, but "21" has a totally different appearance from such a small start-up company It is.

First of all, the total amount of investment gathered when the company was launched in November 2013 is about 5 million dollars (about 500 million yen at that time), and it took about 16 months since that time 2015 3 In the month we succeeded in gathering huge amount of funds of 116 million dollars (about 13.9 billion yen) from venture capital (VC) and others. Among investors,Andriessen HorowitzYaRRE VenturesIn addition to prominent VC such as chip manufacturer Qualcomm (Qualcomm), founder of companies such as eBay, PayPal, Dropbox, Expedia etc. are famous and you can see how many attention is gaining.

It is one of the founding members of "21"Buraji SrinivasanMr. is an entrepreneur from Stanford University who has a presence in Silicon Valley. He has numerous achievements and also serves as general partner of Andreessen Horowitz as mentioned above.

In addition, "21" will be officially launched in May 2015, and the former US Treasury Secretary to the company's advisory groupLawrence SummersWe welcomed Mr. and we are promoting activities involving people of various fields greatly.


Mr. Sri Nibasan posted on May 18My own blogI will explain the concept of "21". Details of how to use Bitcoin in the future using BitShare are described in detail.

A bitcoin miner in every device and in every hand - Medium

Bitcoin mining chips told in the conceptBitShareIt is calledForm factorIt is said that it is being developed as an embedded chipset that can be provided under the standard (standard). It can be used as a single chip embedded in an Internet connection terminal or integrated in an existing chip set. Specific shape photographs and the like are not disclosed, but it seems that they are being developed with consideration to be utilized according to various uses.

In the blog, Mr. Srinivasan explains about the purpose of BitShare, "It is not a device to dig up Bitcoin and merely make money, it is aiming for industrial uses". Due to mining chips mounted on each deviceBuilt-in mining(Embedded mining), the idea of ​​realizing the concept of "Bitcoin (Bitcoin for convenience, not profit)" for convenience, not for profit is told.

In Bitcoin mining so far, arithmetic units dedicated to a huge facility were lined upMining centerIn contrast to the fact that BitShare was popular in the world where Bitcoin mining on a myriad of terminals produces a number of merits is the future image that "21" draws. For example, using Bitcoin generated at each terminal, normal credit card settlement can not deal with itMicropayment(Ultra-small settlement) becomes possible, it is said that services that were impossible to realize with traditional payment systems will be possible.

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Furthermore, it seems that Bitcoin is also considered to be used in developing countries that are predicted to be widely used. It is predicted that the use of Bitcoin, which is considered to be highly stable especially in currency unstable developing countries, will increase as the virtual currencies become more popular as many people have communication terminals in the future. It is thought that Bitcoin's economy will be reliable by widely spreading terminals equipped with BitShare.

In this way, in order to understand the Bitcoin mining chip "BitShare" by "21", it seems to be necessary to have a different viewpoint from the one for Bitcoin so far. The argument of "Bitcoin is a currency or not" is a topic currently underway in the world, but as new concepts like this time appear, the significance of its existence will be further formed.

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In addition, former Secretary Summers announces that he will not make any comments beyond what is written on Mr. Srinivasan's blog regarding this matter. On the blog, former President Summers said, "The chip by" 21 "will add a new dimension to the potential of Bitcoin. First of all we will be struck by the emergence of embedded mining technology. It is time to be shocked when you realize that the technology is not at hand ", commenting ahead of the era of BitShare's widespread use.

"21", it is said that it provides a development environment using BitShare. You can request a development kit by accessing from the following site.

21 - 21 million bitcoins, infinite possibilities.

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