"The day when movie shooting will be done only on the iPhone and GoPro will come," Pixar's CCO asserts

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"Toy StoryIn 2015Twentieth anniversaryIn keeping with the welcoming, John Lasseter, who served as director, said, "The movie that was filmed with only iPhone and GoPro will have the day to win the Academy Award,Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesWe talked at the panel discussion held in.

Pixar's John Lasseter Says iPhone, Go-Pro Could Be Next Film Breakthroughs | Variety

It is CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of "Pixar · Animation · Studio" and "Walt Disney · Animation · Studio"John LasseterMr. Past has a past that he did not want to be opposed to the world from his own dream of making a long-length computer animation movie, "It is impossible to imagine" and "Mr. Lasseter is a visionary".

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"Although new technologies for movie production are appearing one after another, Mr. Lasseter is finally able to accept the technology in the movie industry and the audience after finishing some work that attracts the audience using new technology There are many opinions that people are "impossible to shoot movies on the iPhone and GoPro", but it will surely go well just because people are not familiar with the method yet, "he said. It is predicted that it will go.

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"Those who wish to bring about innovation need to learn new technology greedily, quickly absorb, quickly improve their skills and stories and refine their stories many times," Lasseter said, I talked about experiences when I started Pixar with my colleagues and started making the first movie. In the early stages of the production, CG images were felt cold and uninteresting, and it seems that everyone in the staff became concerned. The solution inspired at that time is "The CG image looks like plastics, but what if the characters are actually made of plastic? I totally imagined what the toy is like as the main character." It was said that this plan later became one of the reasons to produce "Toy Story". As a result, "Toy Story" shined first in box office revenue in the film released in 1995.

Mr. Lacether said "Revolutionary movies in various aspects such as music, color, feature animated movies, computer animation movies, etc. have been oppressed by" unnecessary "or" not successful "at the beginning, based on their own experience After talking, "However, as the filming method of 35mm camera changed from heavy 35mm camera to lightweight STeady cam, the mobile phone terminal that everyone has will surely change the film shooting method in the future .GoPro and iPhone are easy to obtain and you can make clear videos that audiences have never seen before.These new techniques will be used for film production I will predict that.


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