I ate "Pote Zarusoba" to eat fried potatoes with cold Sasso, at Hankyu Soba

I bought fried potato by the side "Potatoes"Was released in February 2015, it was not so popular, and in April" Potecalley soba noodle "was also on sale. From Friday, May 15, we will be able to enjoy the hot and cold gap of fried potatoes and cold buckwheat noodles "Potato Sasu Udon / UdonIt is said that it will be released, so I actually went to Hankyu Soba Wakana vegetables thirteen shops to eat.

Potatoes! Finally came here! It is! "Poté Zazu soba noodles" new appearance! From 15th May (Friday) Hankyu Soba Wakana c. 13 shops, Hankyu soba 13 Shi eiguchi shop, Kei store, Kamishinzo store | Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Press Release

Arrived at Hankyu Jozan Station.

Hankyu soba is located at the station's home.

Inside is such a feeling, there are table seats, but many were counter seats.

I will sit down and I will order potatoes and potato udon noodles at once.

Wait a few minutes and Pote no Zagobara arrives · Pote no Zen no Udon arrives. First I will look at Poté Zazusoba.

Soba is topped with chopped paste ... ...

Potatoes were provided in a separate container.

I lifted the plate on which the green onions and wasabi were placed, and there was a bamboo basket in the container underneath.

Potatoes are potatoes and soba can be eaten side by side, but of course it is okay, but this time we will put potatoes on the rough side of the bamboo grass, in order to complete "Pote Zarusoba".

This week.

Throw wasabi and leek in the sasan ... ...

Soak the potatoes and soba in a squash together.

As I tried to eat it, even if I put it on a bamboo basket firmly, the crunchy feeling of fried potatoes is alive and it is better than expected and the compatibility of potatoes is good. It looked as though I was wearing tempura just before, but potato curry was slightly heavy with curry & fried food, but Zaru soba was well balanced with junk and feeling.

It is delicious to have potatoes soaked in plenty of soup and eat something that has been slightly smoother ......

Of course you can eat as it is OK. Because we assume that it will be attached to a bamboo sashimi, if you eat as it is, it feels a little saltiness, but since the taste of bamboo shoots is solid, after eating Pote Zaru - soba it is better to dry thirst I understand.

Continue, Pote no udon.

This potato is another dish with udon.

Going toppings on the udon with rough and potatoes ......

Udon is covered with potatoes.

Basically it is the same as Poté Zaruzaba, but Potezaru Udon can enjoy the gap of texture of crispy potato with crispy udon noodles. Also, the udon responded more satisfactorily and seemed to get hungry on the stomach.

In addition, Pote Zaruzoba · Udon price is 570 yen including Hankyu buckwheat and western vegetables, 530 yen, Hankyu soba 13 Jigyo east exit shops · Kei shop · Kamishinjo shop is 500 yen including tax. Both of them are limited for a limited period of time, so if you want to enjoy an exquisite combination of potatoes and udon · soba, please come early.

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