"Sakusaku Kentucky" tasting food additive addiction of crisp crunchy taste review

Kentucky from May 14 th (Thursday) 2015, the crispy texture that the clothes will start splashing each time it gets clogged "Sakusaku KentuckyWe are on sale. Kentucky 's new product, Kentucky, commemorating the 45 th anniversary of Kentucky' s founding in Japan, seems to be a chicken with a light clothing texture that smells eleven spices of secret in its domestic chicken, so how crisp it is I ordered it at a shop to eat it and I ate it.

"Sakusaku Kentucky" appearance celebration! Special coupon festival | KFC

Arrived in Kentucky.

I will order "Sakusaku Kentucky" (260 yen including tax) at once. Can be used until May 27 th (Sun)couponI bought two pieces (510 yen including tax) at a discounted price of 450 yen including tax.

This is Sakkaku Kentucky.

I understand that it is crispy from the appearance of clothes. The part is probably left hip (Sai), right is chest (keel).

Compared with iPhone 5s, it looks like this. The size is about the same as the original chicken.

Looking up, the clothes have many kinds of 11 kinds of spice grains, which are different from the original chicken.

I will eat it at once.

Sakusaku Kentucky 's clothing is finished crisply as its name suggests, and the thick part of clothing is crisp enough to eat. The taste is based on the usual Kentucky chicken, plus the spicy taste felt. Juicy rice is hard to eat because hands are covered with oil, but it is a nice place to have more meat.

The second piece is a keel with a little fat.

Although the size is small, since there are no large bones other than cartilage, you can bite into cartilage. The meat quality is refreshing and it feels just right to eat the second one. If you eat each cartilage, you can enjoy two textures of "crispy" and "colicoli". Sakusaku Kentucky is a definite menu for those who say "fried crispy faction".

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