Nuts and brandy entered and tried comparing three kinds such as rich specification 'eel pie' etc.

Hamamatsu Confectionary "Eel Pie" known as "Night Sweets" is famous for being dealt with in department stores all over the country, but there are special eel pies that are treated only in some stores even in Hamamatsu. Eel Pie specialty store in Tokyo · Harajuku "UNAGI PIE CAFE TOKYO"Opened for a limited time, of which"Eel pineapps included"Eel pie V.S.O.P.I bought it, so I tried it.

Eel included Pineapp | Sweets | Hamamatsu sweets recipe Kurokado

Eel Pie V.S.O.P. | Sweets | Hamamatsu sweets recipe Kurokado

Normal eel pies from the right, with eel pine nuts, package of eel pie V.S.O.P.

Peel off the wrapping paper ... ....

When opening the box it looks something like this. The usual eel pies are 962 yen including tax, 96 bottles including tax, 8 bottles including eel with 981 yen including tax, eel unpeated V.S.O.P. has 10 bottles of tax included 1964 yen including tax.

So, we will try tasting from entering the eels pineapp first.


The eel comes into eels and the eel is right on the right. The lengths are nearly the same, but those with eel pine nuts are made thicker.

Compared with the iPhone 5, this is about this size.

The back side looks like this.

Both nuts (upper) and regular version (lower) are covered with sugar, and those with nuts are slightly rugged with almonds, but they are almost the same atmosphere.

As the name suggests, eel with pineapps is baked in a lot of crushed almonds and peanuts kneaded in the dough.

First of all I will try eating the usual eel. The buttery fragrance is good, the baked goods are crispy texture. Because it is baked with sugar, it is good with touch of crispy tooth of caramelized sugar, it is a delicious taste without simple taste.

Next, trying to eat the eel with the eels, the first thing that spreads in your mouth is the scent of savory sesame. It is a sesame seemingly doubt that "This is ...... it is a nut taste?", But as you go on eating, you will feel the flavor of almonds and peanuts, while the scent is sesame, the taste is in a mysterious state of nuts.

As a result of checking the raw material name, almonds are listed before sesame, but it was an eel which felt sesame strongly.

Next, eat eel pie V.S.O.P.

When looking at the back side of individual packaging, it is "the highest grade pie that encompasses the rich fragrance of luxury brandy and the flavor of macadamians, the king of nuts and the top of the hamamakana eel pies."

Opening the bag spreads complicated fragrant like brandy's sweet flavor.

Comparing the eel pie V.S.O.P. (top) with the usual eel pie (bottom), it looks like this. You can see that the eel pie V.S.O.P. is larger and larger in color.

Looking at the side, the eel pies V.S.O.P. (top) had sugar melted into a caramel-like shape.

Looking at the surface ......

I found something like sesame or macadamia nut fragments.

Looking at the three kinds of eel entering (eel) Pineapp (foreground) · eel pie V.S.O.P. (middle) · eel pie (backward) side by side like this.

Even comparing eel with pine nuts and eel pie V.S.O.P., as it is said to be "the finest", there is a presence of eel with a color and a good size, eel Pie V.S.O.P.

Tasting, that is why.

When eating, it spreads in the mouth is a smell of rich brandy. Because cream is contained, it was thicker than usual eel pie, everyone who tried eating muttered without thinking "This is delicious ...". It is an eel with a catch phrase "Sweets of the Night", but eel pie V.S.O.P. is said to be "a night sweet" for adults.

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