What is "IRE" that you can freely move and experience the place you want to see from a remote location as it is?

VR headset that displays video as if it is in virtual space "Oculus Rift"And a movable camera that can be operated are linked to each other as"IRE (Intuitive Rift Explorer)"is. By using the IRE, you will be able to experience such an opportunity even if you are not there.

IRE | JoLau

"Oculus Rift" has an extremely wide viewing angle of 90 degrees for one eye and 110 degrees for both eyes, and the image to be projected is high enough to remember the illusion that it is in the virtual space. Depending on how it is used, it is like a magical device that makes you experience the scenes of memories as if it were a real sight.

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I understand what "IRE" using "Oculus Rift" is, by seeing the following movie in one shot.

IRE - Intuitive Rift Explorer on Vimeo

On the left is a person wearing "Oculus Rift" and the right is "IRE" mobile camera

You can see that the IRE has 2 cameras. The images captured by these two cameras are transferred to Oculus Rift.

The two images in front are the images captured by the IRE camera and are displayed on the display of Oculus Rift. The video is displayed at 60 fps.

When a person wearing the Oculus Rift behind the moving camera shakes the face to the left, the camera part will immediately respond and turn left.

Next, face upwards, the camera part also points up. In short, if you face your face as you want to see, the camera changes direction as well.

The tires attached to the mobile camera are composed of small and large tires.

It is possible to operate a mobile camera with a game controller. In other words, IRE can move the mobile camera as I thought, and I can direct the video to the direction I want to see, that I can experience what I want to see directly.

The mobile camera can be operated wirelessly.

When searching for places where people can not step down, there was a gap in reality with the image projected if it was a conventional device, but since IRE can reduce the gap between the seen image and the reality, It is possible to grasp the situation more accurately. Also, when using IRE as security for buildings, you can look around around at various angles, so that you can politely guard while securing the safety of people, depending on how you use, you can realize more devices than ever It is understood that it is.

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