A transcendent movie looking over the Himalayas from over 7000 meters "Himalayas from 20,000 ft"

Many mountaineers climb the steep mountains to see the sense of accomplishment when reaching the summit and the superb view of the unprecedented, many of which include the world's highest mountain EverestHimalayasIs a good target for mountaineers and adventurers. A movie whose aerial photographs taken from the sky above 7000 meters over the Himalayas mountains where such a mountain of 7000 meters is crowded is "The Himalayas from 20,000 ft"is.

The Himalayas from 20,000 ft. On Vimeo

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Kathmandu at the starting point is already quite high, with an altitude of 4,600 feet (about 1,400 meters).

An idyllic landscape spreading mountain ranges far away from the city center.

A river flowing in a deep mountain.

The camera moves even higher.

A waterfall appeared.

Proceed further towards the summit of the river where the waterfall flows.

Pass over the suspension bridge where people will pass.

The scenery of the flight while looking at the cliff that stands out is as if he / she became a bird.

I can see the house on a steep cliff.

There seems to be a community formed also at a considerable height.

The mountains where we can see the snow far awayAma · DramThe altitude is 6856 meters.

As altitude increases, it changes to snowy landscape.

The summit is already above the clouds.

The place beyond the clouds is calm and clear.

Beyond that, the world's highest mountain,Everest.

Again Ama - Dram.

I can not believe the fact that there are adventurers who challenge this cliff.

A spectacle in the vicinity of the summit which was taken from the sky which can never be seen even by mountaineers.

The magnificence and ruggedness of the Himalayas are transmitted from a complicated ridgeline with a single shot.

This transcendent movie specializes in action sports and aerial photographyTeton Gravity ResearchThe 5-axis gyroscope is equipped on the entire surface of the helicopter with "GSS C520 systemWhat was filmed with the camera.

It was becoming an image beauty that overwhelming force that cut off unusual scenery that can not be usually seen, which is from elevation 4600 feet (about 1400 meters) to 24,000 feet (about 7,300 meters) It was.

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