Charaders who brought about miracles by bicycle theft overseas touring but did not give up miracles

There is no bicycle that should be there. Although I do not want to think about traveling overseas by bicycle, tragedy still occurs. If I get stolen, what can I do? No, not acting will not solve anything.

Hello,Takuya Sudo @ circle around the world bicycle @ Charridermanis. I have never stolen my bicycle so far, but I still have to stop my bicycle in an uneasy place, so it's definitely not something else. That is why it is sad that the cyclist traveling abroad reports that the bicycle was stolen. But in South Africa, in Hungary, in Serbia their bicycles returned safely.

Mr. Narita's case
Mr. Narita started a bicycle trip from Anchorage in Alaska in May 2012. I crossed North, Central and South America and arrived at Ushuaia in Argentina in January 2014. I returned home from there temporarily and charged it for six months in Japan. I resumed my trip from Istanbul in Turkey in July 2014, crossed Europe, I am entering Africa from Morocco. The overlapped distance during the two and a half travel period is about 43,000 km. It is a straight and refreshing young man who runs through the tempo well towards the goal. From the trip "World scholarship "Chari travel diaryI am updating my blog.

ByNarita Ogo

ByNarita Ogo

ByNarita Ogo

Mr. Narita is getting caught in a rainy scene just before the Cape of Good Hope of South Africa, which he decided as the goal of the trip.

Daigaku's "World Study" Chari Travel Diary Emergency! It is! A tremendously long three days. Part 1

When I return to the tent with a spirit of energy. . . . . . Are you ??
Is not that it?
There is not !!!
There is no bicycle that should be there !!!
I was asleep when I went to the toilet and did not notice. Since when ???
In the confused head, I go to the security place while organizing the situation. I remember I forgot to lock my bicycle on the way. No way, I'm cutting 300 kilometers to goal ??

On April 22, 2015, a bicycle theft case occurred at the Ceres campsite such as the rest of the breath to Cape Town with Cape of Good Hope. There is no clue to check with Sekiriti, call the police and have the police report created.

After receiving a police report, I thought about finding out as I tried variously anyway. Even if my bicycle was stolen, I knew the story that I was able to find a bicycle by calling local TV stations and SNS, so I decided to move in the rabbit.

During the day, ask the staff of the campground and the cycling shop in the town "If there is something" as information request. Please connect to the Internet at night and ask for information diffusion while searching for bicycles on Facebook. Then, posting the details of the incident on "ACML (Adventure Cycling Mailing List)" that functions as a place for information exchange of overseas bicycle travelers, we will take actions in order to do something. I saw that ACML postMr. JimboSince he introduced his acquaintance in South Africa, the situation goes in an unexpected direction.

A picture of a bicycle used for Facebook report.

ByNarita Ogo

ByNarita Ogo

Daigaku's "World Scholarship" Chari Journey Diary Bicycle Theft Case. Got big cooperation

The next morning, collaborator Rian who saw the mail from a mailing list friend gave me a call.
It seems that the radio station has already been founded, and I talked about the details of the theft damage this time and the characteristics of the bicycle, the story of my trip and the goal is a little more in Cape Town.
Rihan immediately told the content on the radio. Also, the facebook page with my photos and bicycle pictures was quickly shared, more than 400 sharing was done in less than 3 hours, comments were posted more and more, during West Cape province, My bicycle theft case spread widespread.
Meanwhile, I got a phone call from each radio station to the divider, although I was bad English, I managed to respond to the interview with gut and enthusiasm.

"Mr. Rianan (Riaan Manser)"Is a famous adventurer in South Africa.

The effect of this radio broadcast is tremendous.

And it will be over ten o'clock? The police will contact the owner of the campground. It seems that the information that I saw a man riding on my bicycle arrived at the police.
I was "serious ??" At last it got me half-trusted, but expectations got bigger and bigger.
While getting in touch with me, when I was talking in a shop of Mr. Jacob after going round the town, the telephone rang. It's from the police.
"I found your bicycle."

And speed solution of surprise.

ByNarita Ogo

People who made a report that led to the resolution of this case heard the radio, and he seemed to see a culprit who rided a bicycle by accident in the workers of the road construction. From the internal mailing list to Mr. Lian, and going to the radio Now that it has become a great force so far to solve the incident, I was able to feel that the power of the media and the connection of people is really great.

However, the bicycle was disassembled into pieces, so we had to reassemble it.

ByNarita Ogo

About "World Study" Chari Travel Diary Meeting many people. Then start again.

From there I went to the site where the bicycle was found next. Because there were a lot of small lost items, there was also a troublesome part if there was still no need to search out for themselves.
The site is a warehouse of a private house in the township. It was a 23 year old young man who stole theft, after stealing my bicycle, ride my bicycle and color the other bicycles that seems to be better, theft. After that I sold my bicycle to a 19-year-old boy. The boy removed my bicycle parts and diverted it to other bicycles. About three bicycles were about to be banished and one bicycle seemed to be lifted up, and there were three other bicycles in the warehouse.
Though it was such a situation, thanks to finding out by himself, I was able to find important fixtures that I can not get in South Africa, such as carrier fittings and handle bag attachments.
In the afternoon, I brought back the parts found and resumed full-scale assembly work. With the cooperation of Jacobs, I was able to finish the assembly safely in the evening!

Despite saying that it was disassembled, Mr. Narita worked at a bicycle store until traveling. With the cooperation of the local cycle shop, the bicycle is able to run again. Only 3 days to theft, discovery, assembly. On April 25th, we will start again for the Cape of Good Hope.

ByNarita Ogo

At first it was a terrible worst happening and I really could not do anything, but I can truly get a lot of people's power and run for the goal again!
Make a disaster and make it happy. The town of Sealys has become a very memorable place in my bicycle trip. I will probably remember it will be at the end of April every year. Three days we ran around like this roller coaster.

This series of events was also featured in the news site.

Bicycle theft discovered by local support South Africa - NHK News not seen)

#GetTheBikeBack campaign works

Cape Town Tourism hosts tourist robbed of bicycle as part of its Band Aid project | Traveler 24

And on April 28th I arrived at Kiyomin Peak.

ByNarita Ogo

We will be interviewed by local TV stations.

ByNarita Ogo

And the local tourist office who knew the news made me want to stay in Cape Town for a luxurious hotel.

ByNarita Ogo

I closed the end of the trip dramatically.

ByNarita Ogo

◆ Yoshi's case
Mr. Yoshi who keeps circling the world around folding bike 'BD - 1' since September 2008. About six and a half away from Japan, I traveled 57 countries and 5746 km with 87 countries. To the best of my knowledge, it is the longest Japanese as a cyclist who does not return. Not only for bicycle travel but also for people practicing training around the world to maximize percussion instruments, curry and dumplings. website"Fool on the Planet ~ Around the World in a Folding ChariIn detail, detailed data of the trip is released.

ByYoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)

ByYoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)

Mr. Yoshi said on January 18, 2014 the bicycle was stolen during the stay in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Fool on the planet blog Aibo is gone (tears)

There was no companion somehow in the place where I stayed partner yesterday.
There was only a thick lock that was caught by a kind of pliers and it was falling.

However, Mr. Yoshi will not give up, we will also extend the possibility of discovery by making a poster, calling for information provision, sending an e-mail asking for cooperation in the local media relations.

Fool on the planet blog

Mr. Tomi of Andante,
Since I checked out some of my media contacts,
Today, I sent a mail about the circumstances.

Then, it is one of them
From the director of a bicycle magazine named Bikemag
A reply that I will help you find it returned immediately.

Ellopták a japán világutazó kerékpárját Budapesten! Segíts megtalálni! |

Depending on the spread information, contacts from TV stations wishing to interview.

Fool on the planet blog Appealing on TV

As always, I can not find my buddies ...

Thanks to spreading information to everyone,
It is being conveyed to many people that partner is missing.

Today, I saw that spread information,
A person from a television station told me he would like to interview.
At a television station called RTL ... If you listen quite often, it is a nationwide broadcasting dekai TV station.
I appreciate it.
Something like that, the power of television is great.

That being said, I got interviewed this afternoon,

I had the program broadcast on the news program with the best viewing time timing at night.

And in succession, television appearance.

Fool on the planet blog Aibo rescuing document

The next day (1/23) I had the TV station broadcast as RTL
TV2 and MTVA television station came for a new interview.
RTL, TV 2 and MTVA are the three major television stations in Hungary.
Things broadcasted on this big TV,
Thanks to the net that keeps spreading information,
I told you that an important partner of Eira is missing,
People in Hungary got to know.

ByYoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)

Message of hot support from Hungarian people arriving one after another after Yoshi's information spread. However, there is no information connected to your car, only time passes. But behind that there were locals who are looking hard for Mr. Yoshi 's bicycle.

With that kind of feeling, while Oira himself was frustrated,
Actually, in the city of Budapest, the main force team was formed and a large search network was set up.
They were looking around for the flea market in Budapest with human tactics, with members total.
Furima starts at 6 in the morning.
Everyone was embarking on a search from early in the middle of the cold.

On the morning of Saturday (January 25) where such a big search network was set up, a familiar bike appeared in the eyes of Hungarian youth Martin who was looking for a bicycle for a bargain in a small flea market in the outskirts of Budapest.
After that, I got in touch with Eura through Tomi who was a big success as an interpreter.

The discovered BD-1

ByYoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)

Mr. Yoshi who reunited with his car.

ByYoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)

From incident occurrence, settlement in one week.

People are amazing.
The power that is created by connecting people is amazing.

The case of this time, I was made to realize that.

Cycling around the world with a bicycle alone traveling,
Because I pedaled with my own foot and I am moving forward,
It tends to have a thought like being doing amazing things by yourself,
What is running alone is not essential at all.

The real essence of a bicycle trip is that,
It is a connection between a person and a person who met through running.

With the people of "Budapest · Bike · Mafia" who lent my power to discover bicycles.

ByYoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)

I successfully regained my bicycle and I am still traveling.

◆ Asada's case
Just recently, Mr. Asano returned from Madagascar to Japan has traveled over 70 countries and 94,297 kilometers by bicycle. It is all around the world with North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the world. blog"A traveling story that kills the world 2There is plenty of pictures from travelers and it is enough to witness.

ByRyo Asano

ByRyo Asano

Mr. Asano said that the bicycle will be stolen while staying in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, July 18, 2012.

Killing the world travel book 2: stupid self-loss

My bicycle was stolen ... !!!

In the evening of the day before yesterday, while keeping the luggage in the hostel, go to a large shopping center in Belgrade with no luggage, stop at the bicycle storage in front of the entrance, lock it on the pillar and lock with wire and return in about 20 minutes , It disappeared suddenly.

ByRyo Asano

However, it is an important bicycle that I had sent to Malawi in Africa during my journey because my bicycle frame was damaged so it can not give up so easily.

Traveling world that runs down 2: Internet spreading strategy!

Yesterday, I got into a television station and pleaded me to post it on my website.
This station has delivered serious news at the national level on the nationwide network, and it was told that these cases are not usually handled, but I strongly pushed "I NEED YOUR HELP !!!".
Then it was posted in just a few hours.
Work early.

Since getting in to a television station, information spreads. The details of the theft case will also be posted in the newspaper.

ByRyo Asano

And to the bicycle discovery.

Traveling world that runs down the world 2: Miracles !!!!!!!!!

Yesterday evening, the police who knew the report instructed all the media of Serbia to announce the images of the criminal that the security camera could catch!
Internet, probably on the TV, it was released soon!

Then arrest the culprit!
Secure a bicycle!

The return of the bicycle was not announced from the interior minister, not from the police!

Local newspaper reporting bicycle discovery.

ByRyo Asano

ByRyo Asano

The return of the bicycle was to be carried out directly from the Prime Minister of Serbia at the Prime Minister's official residence, becoming a person in Serbia at the time of a breakthrough

A traveling story that runs down the world Travel book 2: Oh yea story is getting too big

According to the rule of thumb of the journey up to now, anything stolen once will never come back.
While thinking that "I want to regain a bicycle", I also thought that it was impossible.
While proceeding with the search, the plan was planned for cases where it could not be found.
I was going back and forth "Let's stick a little more", "let's give up already".

But I received words of encouragement from a lot of people.
Everyone who said, "I pray for being found."
Indeed, your words pushed me back.
I really appreciate it.

◆ By people
Not only those who introduced me but also in 2012, Japanese who are traveling by bicycle,I was bicycle stolen in ChinaAlso from the report by the local television station, the information was diffused in the Chinese version of Twitter "Miho", there are cases where the information was spread by discovering by the report of the general public who saw it.

People who have stolen are also people who can find it. Every country knows more people in society knows the right thing than people who did bad things. That is why the bicycle has returned to their hands. My heart gets warm with the kindness of the overflowing by local people who knew the theft case. The fact is said to be more strange than the novel, but because the bicycle theft case of acquaintance is an unbelievable development, it will be solved in succession, so this time I introduced it as an article.

It may be because I came back, but there are cases that will not come back. Those who are touring overseas have meticulous attention to the management of bicycles.

(Sentence / photo: Takuya S. Narou Charriderman
Cycling around the world for a bicycle
Twitter@ Shuutak

(Sentence / picture: Narita Ogo
World scholarship "Chari travel diary

(Sentence / photo: Mr. Yoshi (Shimada Yoshihiro)
Fool on the Planet ~ Around the World in a Folding Chari

(Sentence / picture: Ryo Asano
A traveling story that kills the world 2

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