What kind of reaction will people do when they drink coffee or Frappucino for the first time at Starbucks?

BySimon Q Tin

It is coffee that has a lot of indications such as insomnia relief and mental stability, such as knowing by experiments using a mouse that "brain function is activated only by smelling the scent of coffee", "smell is not good" There should be some people avoiding it. Starbucks, which is deployed on a global scale, sells sweet drinks using coffee besides straight coffee, but what kind of reaction does the person who experienced them for the first time react? So the experimental movie has been released.

People Try Starbucks For The First Time - YouTube

The following people first experience starbucks coffee. First of all it is a man who says, "I drink coffee but Starbucks is not experienced."

A woman who dislikes coffee.

A man who has been to Starbucks, but he did not drink coffee.

A woman named "I need a lot of milk if I drink coffee" is also my first challenge to Starbucks.

First of all, it is black coffee which does not contain milk or sugar to challenge.

While reaching out to the cup, reaching out to the cup, saying "It's a standard Starbucks coffee."

A woman who frowns on her face is bitter from the point of "smell is the worst" before drinking it.

The expression of suffering when you actually drink it. "I can not tell what people will drink this."

This woman says, "I usually like the smell of coffee, but this is a bit too bittery."

Try drinking "icker!"

"I taste the machine oil rather than ordinary coffee ..." and commented.

A man who apparently does not dislike coffee says "I do not have any special things".

"Taste of burnt dust"

There was also positive comment that "It is smooth and there is no problem."

Continue to challenge caramel frappuccino.

This man seems to have liked it before drinking that "it looks good" ....

After drinking, it seemed strange that "Does this have coffee?"

Also, before drinking, the man who said "If you like true coffee, it feels like dessert ..."

"It's not bad, it sounds like a milkshake with a little coffee," while saying "While everyone likes this as a coffee, I drink it but it's not coffee." It seems that coffee is quite committed.

But in the end I was asking the staff "Can I take this?"

A woman with black hair tastes Frappuccino with a severe expression.

"Just sugar ..."

This man is a mysterious comment that "God is sure to enjoy this every morning ...".

3 items are caramel macchiato.

A man who says to drink and say "... ... not a thing."

There was also a comment that it is "adult drink".

This woman seems to care that Starbucks originated from Seattle uses Italian as "Machiato".

"It was better for Frappuccino than for Macchiato."

According to a man who seems to be preoccupied with coffee, "I do not want to drink coffee and Frapetino is also a bit ... ... a drink for indecisive people".

A black-haired woman looks like the name of "caramel macchiato" is foreign language and funny. I tried drinking ... ....

Until now I had a tough evaluation, but caramel macchiato seemed to be fine.

"If you choose something from Starbucks products in a crisis situation of living or dying, it is said to be caramel macchiato." I was repeating "in the situation of living or dying".

So, people who do not like coffee to the extent seemed not attracted to any drinks, but the coffee party that the fingers had not yet increased against Starbucks was surprisingly Frappuccino, etc. It was fascinated by the sweet drink of.

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