I have eaten the shaved ice of 'Ice monster' where fluffy ice melts in my mouth

It is the Taiwan-born "born" that you can enjoy shaved ice with a rich flavor different from mere shaving ice by shaving ice that is tastefully originallyIce monster (ICE MONSTER)"is. Since the first Japanese shop opened in Harajuku and Jingumae on April 29th (Wednesday 2015), I went to eat.


Ice monsters are known for producing 'mango shaved ice boom'. The following article seems to have visited Taipei Main Store in the summer of 2014.

It was overwhelmed by the former ancestor "ICE MONSTER" who swept the Taiwan and produced "mango shaved ice boom" - GIGAZINE

Within a year since then, I did not think that the shop itself would come to Japan. The 1st Japanese shop opened on the southeast side of the Jingumae intersection on the Tokyo Metro "Meiji Jingumae" station, on April 29 (Wednesday).

The place is here.

As it was just being opened, there was a row of rows in a row. By the way, those who are sitting and waiting are those who just returned to the store after having issued a numbered ticket and returned.

First of all, it was installed at the entrance of the storeEPARK ticket issuing machineI will issue a numbered ticket. At the moment there is a staff member next to me, so if you tell me how many people came you will be issuing a ticket.

Number and QR code are printed on the numbered ticket, and if you read the QR code with a mobile phone or smartphone and register it as a call, you will receive an email when the arrival timing approaches.

At this time it took about 30 minutes to call. When sitting in the space in front of the shop and waiting, the clerk prepared the menu. As the store clerk takes orders as they go to the front of the waiting area, it is the procedure of only paying at the cashier in the store, so we decide the menu while waiting here.

"Tapioca milk tea shaved ice" posted on the top (1000 yen). I cut the milk tea ice block, put the caramel syrup, and toppled panna cotta, followed by warm tapioca.

On the next page is "Mango shaved ice" that the ice monster burned as a boom. It was about 650 yen in Taiwan, but the price has been changed to 1500 yen because there are things such as how a little way has been changed.

There are also "Ichigo Ikigame" (1400 yen), seasonal "Pineapple shaved ice" (1500 yen).

In the shaved ice, the menu which can only be eaten at this shop in Japan is "Oolong tea shaved ice" (1200 yen). It is a special menu that toppings the fruit of lychee, jelly using oolong tea milk ice cream and brown sugar, scraping ice blocks using oolong tea. This time I decided to order this.

By the way, there are soft ice cream besides shaved ice.

Drink has 9 types of coffee, tea and juice. Litchi juice (500 yen) seemed interesting, but as the body seemed to get cold, Litchie (600 yen) was chosen.

I only have to wait. It's about 5 to 10 minutes from sitting in front of the shop until entering the store.

When you finish treasurer at the cash register, you will be informed of which one should go to the first or second floor. This time it was the first floor seat. As soon as I arrived, tea came out. The next door is not cold, white water.

Shaved ice arrived in about three minutes. It is a fairly large plant.

I tried to set up a large spoon attached. The height is roughly 10 cm over.

A white lump in front of the left hand is Litchi, and its right is Oolong tea milk ice cream.

Jelly was a separate dish, it was a style that I put on myself and eat.

The shaved ice was thinly brownish because it scraped the ice blocks of oolong tea, and there seemed to be more syrup added to it.

So, I will accompany you with jelly.

The characteristic is that the light and soft ice texture of the ice. There was no texture that was gratuitous when Ice was scraped off, and it is fluffier than watermelon. When put in the mouth it melts with the heat with the shower. However, since the heat in the mouth is deprived of by vigorous momentum, if you are in tune and are carrying it to your mouth, your head hurts at a stroke at a certain moment.

Because the ice is so fluffy it makes a bit of lyche texture and sour taste good accent.

Jelly seemed bitterness because the color was black and it looked like a coffee jelly, but since it contains brown sugar, it is very sweet and slippery slips into the mouth. Ice cream is also very sweet, so the body is cooled quickly so a warm drink is essential. It is convinced that hot water will be served instead of cool.

On the bottom the ice is packed with gyeyugyu, a little bit harder than the one on the other. However, I do not regard it as jerijari even around here.

Since it is shaved ice, it can not be eaten at once, there is a volume on it and the staying time becomes long with nature, so I am convinced that I can have a matrix in the table. Since it will get hotter in the future, the matrix will grow further. However, although it is certainly delicious shaved ice, there are other sweets stores in Harajuku and Omotesando area, so it is a little bit of trouble to wait until about 1 hour to eat.

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