A site that lets you play shooting games in the browser's address bar appears

The address bar is one of the functions that is necessary for browsing, such as displaying URL of the website, searching, etc. A site where you can play shooting game with that address bar "I 'm sorrySo it actually played as it appeared.

I 'm sorry

When opening the above URL, a page with almost no contents will be displayed just by arranging links at the bottom of the screen. When I looked at the address bar, I confirmed that it was moving.

If you look closely "CLICK"


It is displayed as "LINK", in short it is said that "click on the link!" And something seems to happen if you click the link at the bottom of the screen.

When clicking "pewpew" from among 13 links, ......

From the right end of the address bar, the symbol like a period moves to the left though it is small and it is hard to see. "Pewpew" was that you could play a shooting game with the address bar when you click.

You can check how you actually play 'pewpew' in the address bar below.

I tried playing the game with the address bar of the browser - YouTube

The rule of pewpew is that it is very simple and it shoots two bullets lined up on the left with "↑" and "↓" on the keyboard, shoots bullets with "space key", and shoots down the enemies that are approaching.

If you hit it successfully "☆" will be displayed. Occasionally, it is a pity that bullets may pass through enemies.

The game is only "pewpew", but you can enjoy gimmick full of playfulness with the address bar by clicking another link. If you click 'shaaark' to try ... ...

Shark 's dorsal finder address bar.

You can check the gimmick whose shark's dorsal moves in the address bar from the following movie.

Gimmick 'shaaark' to make the browser address bar fun - YouTube

Next time I will click on "flip".

When "flip" is clicked, ASCII art appears in the address bar and the desk ......

It turns over just as much as Ayatt.

The gimmick of "flip" can be confirmed from the movie below.

Ascii art to turn over desk with address bar - YouTube

Also, clicking "wave" ...

Waves moving and moving are displayed in the address bar.

You can check "wave" where waves move on the address bar from the following movie.

"Waves" that the browser's address bar moves as wavy - YouTube

"I 'm sorry" is a site that you can enjoy shooting games on the address bar and display gimmicks and it is recommended because there is a gimmick that makes it unfriendly and intriguing besides the link you picked up in the article. Because it operates on the address bar, games and gimmicks are not flashy like the recent games, but there is goodness because of simplicity. The recommended browsers for 'i' m sorry 'are Firefox and Chrome.

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