Newly released movie of "Will It Blend?" Crushed Apple Watch immediately after release with haste

I've been placing a lot of things on my mixerWill It Blend?The latest work of the series "Will it Blend? - Apple Watch"Is published on YouTube. As its name suggests, it is a movie that boldly places Apple Watch, which was just released on April 24, 2015, on a mixer, but it has crushed a number of gadgets so farBlendtecHow much does Apple Watch compete against the mixer of?

Will it Blend? - Apple Watch - YouTube

Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec, came out as soon as I played the movie.

Of course this time to put on the mixer ... ...

Apple Watch ......?

It seems there was a mistake in wearing, this time I put on the mixer is a white sports band model of this Apple Watch Sport. CoincidentallyExactly the same as purchased at GIGAZINE editorial departmentThe model seems to be a prey to the mixer.

Mr. Dickson looking at the freshly released Apple Watch.

Remote control of iPhone cameraIt seems to be doing.

After playing with Apple Watch for a while, open the lid of the mixer with pakari ......

Put the Apple Watch into a mixer with a point.

After closing the lid tightly ......

Pointing the button.

The blade at the bottom of the mixer starts rotating at high speed ......

Apple Watch avoids being pulverized by jumping over the blade.

Apple Watch keeps jumping over the blade for a while.

Is it that it was too small and too light to put on a mixer by itself ...?

While I was keeping on my mixer for a while, I finally got Apple Watch Sport'sIon-X glassA crack has entered the cover.

It looks like a stupid experiment, but Mr. Dickson's face is serious. The expression on the side watching the movie will also be tightened.

After cracking in the display, the crushing pace will be accelerated at once.

Things like boards protrude from inside the main body ......

Apple Watch is gradually being chopped.

Still the elastomer sports band still retains its original form.

However, as time elapsed, the sports band also got cut into pieces in an unreasonable manner ... ....

Here finally Mr. Dickson smiles a full face. A expression that says "Blendtec's victory of the mixer".

And finally the inside of the mixer will be crushed to a state that does not know what such a dark blackish thing is.

When opening the lid and the lid ......

Something that was powdery Apple Watch drifts in the air.

I tried grinding Apple Watch on the table ... ...

Like this.

At the end, the movie is over with the decision text of "YES, IT BLENDS!"

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