Apple sold 61.1 million iPhones in 3 months, revealing the fact that Macs will profit from iPad more


Apple made the second quarter earnings announcement in 2015. According to this, the number of iPhones that sold between January and March 2015 has exceeded the analyst's expectations of 61.1 million, indicating that the iPhone is still selling with tremendous momentum I will.

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Apple's sales from January to March 2015 is 58 billion dollars (about 6 trillion 900 billion yen), net income is 13.6 billion dollars (about 1.6 trillion yen), diluted earnings per share is 2.33 dollars (About 277 yen). Gross profit margin (gross margin) was 40.8%, exceeding 39.3% in the same period last year. This was supported by the unprecedented sales on the iPhone and Mac, and the App Store.

One of the driving force, the iPhone is a stagnation of Apple that continues to sell, 61.1 million units have been sold in the past three months, and its sales are also as high as 40.3 billion dollars (about 4.8 trillion yen) Become. According to Fortune, the number of units sold was 43.7 million units in the same period last year, analysts predicted that the sales forecast for this term would be 56 million units, but that it further cuts out more than 5 million units Become. Incidentally,The unit sold in the first quarter of 2015 was 74.5 million units, and sales reached a record high of $ 51.2 billion (about 6.1 trillion yen)Although it was, the figures following it are in this term.

The following bar graph shows the sales volume of iPhone (blue), iPad (yellow), Mac (green) from the third quarter of 2012 to the second quarter of 2015. Although both depict the line where the first quarter is the mountain and the third quarter is the valley, we can see that the sales volume of iPhone this fiscal year exceeds the first quarter of 2014 and it is tremendous momentum.

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Andrew Cunningham of Ars Technica compares the number of items sold in the second quarter of 2014 and the second quarter of 2015. Compared with the same period last year, the number of iPhones sold has increased by about 40%, Macs have also increased by about 11%, while the iPad is down about 23%.

Looking at the sales volume of iPhone (Orange), iPad (Green), Mac (Red), iPod (Blue) from the second quarter of 2009, the line of iPad gently sloped downwards I understand.

The graph below shows Apple 's sales (blue) and profit (green). Profit is growing compared to last year's and the year before last year's.

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The Chinese market was the biggest increase in sales when compared with the same period last year. It increased by 81.05%, exceeding sales in the European market. In the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, sales are growing, but in Japan it has decreased by 12.63%.

By product, looking at sales comparisons with the same period last year, iPhone grew significantly, as you can see in terms of unit sales, Macs increased slightly. On the other hand, iPad and other products are depressed. Sales in services such as App Store · iTunes · iCloud are growing.

Here is the graph showing the share of sales of each product and service in total sales in the second quarter of 2015. IPhone is the top, 2nd is not Mac but Mac.

Cunningham predicts Apple Watch should join in quite a big number here in the third quarter of 2015.

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