Possibility to raise birthrate by making sex education more positive

The declining birthrate and aging population is a problem all over the world as well as in Japan, but in Denmark there are various ways to raise the country, starting with the effort to "make sex education more positive" in order to raise the birthrate It is done.

Sex Education in Europe Turns to Urging More Births - NYTimes.com

In sex education, negative things against pregnancy such as "method of contraception" are often treated often. However, Mr. Marianne, a non-profit organization called "Sex and Society" in Denmark, says, "We have talked about methods of contraception for so long, but what we really need to pregnant I began thinking about teaching methods. "In order to stop declining birthrate, I increased the opportunities for sex education for children and started sex education in a positive form for pregnancy.

The following picture is a school of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, in which 25 people from 13 to 14 years old were gathered and talking about sex. Children have an awkward atmosphere, some playing with red claws and fiddling with mobile phones. When the topic about masturbation turns into a topic, the boy laughs, and the girl who was on the other side and got stuck with her with her hands also begins to laugh at the mouth while starting to laugh, the 29-year-old male instructor says, "No problem with laughing" We talk about troublesome things. "

In the early 1970s, one woman was born with two children in Denmark, but now there is no birth rate enough to keep the population. Also not only in Denmark, aging is progressing globally. Japan is already faced with the problem of birth rate, adult diapers are selling for diapers for children. In February 2015 the Italian Minister of Health stated Italy as "a country that is going to die", and Germany spent much on subsidies for families as a prevention of declining birthrate, but said there was not much effect We are.

The following graph shows the change in how many people over the age of 65 exist in 100 years from laborable 20 to 64 years in the next 40 years. In Japan, Europe, Denmark, America, Asia, World Average, Africa, there are line graphs. As of 2010, there were nearly 40 people in Japan of 65 years old and 28 people in Europe. However, it is predicted that nearly twice as many people will be in both Japan and Europe in 40 years. On the other hand, only Denmark knows that the population after the age of 65 is decreasing from 2040.

There is no consensus on the impact of demographics. Some people consider the population problem to be a natural maturity of a highly developed society, others see disasters. However, as a matter of fact, the two burdens, less workers and many retired people, are burdensome labor to continue to support society. Young people are abandoned to become parents due to the high unemployment rate, and a decline in the birthrate leads to shortage of workers and a negative loop is born.

However, there are many people who demonstrate creativity and do various initiatives in Denmark even if there is social unrest. Some priests wrote enthusiastic documents of sex and eroticism with large headlines, while some entrepreneurs created dating sites to support childbirth. There were travel agencies that carried out a campaign focusing on hotels in Paris for young couple, with the question "Can sex save the future of Denmark" as "to do more on holidays in Denmark"? . The response of this campaign is good, and the Danish media took up the campaign as a topic of "normal", not as "hidden", a travel agency Eva is talking about.

With these efforts, the birthrate in Denmark has risen for the first time in four years. Mr. Marianne said, "I do not know if our work is the cause," he said with a smile, Minister of Education Danish said, "We will continue to approach health and sex positively from now on."

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