I ate "all shakeda burger" sandwiching all ingredients of Lotteria that collapses rapidly under its own weight

Cheese and Patty are five times as much as usual "Superb Tower Cheese Burger"Epitopathy piled five pieces"Shrimp tree burgerLotteria that has sell huge hamburgers such as "Lotteria" in the past, from April 27 (Monday) "All fake burgers"We sell. As the name suggests, I was concerned about how much volume a burger says sipping all ingredients of Lotteria products, so I went to eat at once.

~ Yahoo! Search 「Ken Saw Ko Pon」 Collaboration Plan "Legend Burger" No. 2 search item restored! It is! ~ "All fish burgers" Limited release from Monday, April 27, 2015! It is!

Arrived at a shop in Lotteria.

"All fish burgers" are not found in the menu table at the top of the cash register in the store.

There was no "All Shirasu Burger" in the menu table placed before the cash register, there was a menu of "Exquisite Towers Cheese Burger" of the first round of the Kensaku-Pon collaboration project. When asked to the clerk, "It is possible to offer" all fake burgers ".

It seems that it takes time to prepare for preparing all the materials, so wait in the seat.

Waiting in 10 minutes "All fish burgers" (1230 yen including tax) arrived.

When opening the wrapping paper a bit, the horse meat sauce has come all the way.

The height of all bamboo burger is about a little lower than the iPhone 5s ... but as time goes by, the more it collapses with its own weight.

When peeling all the wrapping paper, the burger completely collapsed unable to endure the weight of the ingredients.

By the way, the image image used in the release of Lotteria was like this.

You can see that ingredients such as pickles, lettuce, and cabbage are used when you remove the collapsed buns.

Bacon, half-baked egg.

Below that are sliced ​​cheese and exquisite cheese patty ......

Ribpati also.

Ebipathi was not arrived at the store visited this time, so instead it was offered with Teriyaki chicken in between.

The bottom row is beef patty and buns. It is the number of frightening ingredients just imagining how much calories it will be.

Succeeded to make it self-sustaining somehow if the ingredients were piled up cleanly.

I will wrap it with wrapping paper and eat it.

I got dug up a lot, but I could not eat from top to bottom in a bite. Teriyaki chicken is freshly baked and very juicy. The sweet flavor of Teriyaki sauce is stained well in the meat.

Exquisite cheese patty combines peppery meat with mellow cheese. Ribpati is soft, chews and meat juice overflows. Because you can enjoy the taste of the meat just being lightly seasoned with pepper, you can feel like "I am eating meat right now!"

Tartar sauce and mayonnaise are crowded in the vegetables, it is thick without defeating the meat. Occasionally the mouth is refreshing with the acid pickles of pickles.

The mustard mayonnaise is clinging to bacon and the original taste of bacon is diluted. When half-baked eggs were to eat, the yolk grew smoothly and enjoyed a mellow taste.

By the time we finished eating, my stomach was swollen all over. You do not have to ask the side menu etc enough volume.

In addition, "All Shima Burger" is sold for a limited time only.

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