Why is "collector" important for humanity?

BySergio Busquets

Creature skullFromContainer of sweets "Pez"There are people in the world who collect various things. Those called "collectors" can not easily gain understanding of people or are seen with curious eyes, but they seem to play a very important role for mankind, on the other hand.

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WriterJohn FawlsAnnounced in 1963 "collectorThere was a description that abducts a woman like a lonely man who hobbies butterflies as a hobby and adds it to the collection. When listening to the word "collector", there are a lot of people who imagine the figure like the one above and the shape of collecting items closely on the shelf. However, these collector statues are not correct.

Children collect things to understand their surrounding world at a certain time, but in fact the collectors do the same thing as this. A collector that collects curious items and collects items is a symbol of "curiosity" and at the same time has a function to "promote" many people's curiosityFacilitatorIt is thought that it is also. In other words, the collector has the role of bringing some items that were buried in the world into accessible state for the general public.

For example, he created the concept of "tablet" and built a huge amount of goodsHenry WelcomeHe was collecting various things related to medical care, such as medical equipment and miniatures reproducing medical scene. If you look at his collection, we will tell you what kind of things midwives from ancient Rome were doing, what are the epidemics in ancient Egypt, what is the state of surgical operations in the 16th century, etc. I can understand a lot. Things that individuals gathered as curious as they went through became an important item for people to know about history through the times.

Also, biologistCarl von LinnetThe specimen of the plant which it was collecting, he said he was active in disseminating the categorical method of life to the science association. Linnae spreadDual lawThe taxonomy of being used is still used today.

Collectors collect not only physical items. He was selling men's jewelry for the 17th centuryJohn GrantAnalyzed the death table based on the data of the church at that time in London where plague was prevalent, revealed that there is regularity in the declining population which seemingly coincidentally appears. Grant, who was a collector of "information", is thought to have built the foundation of demography, later Nightingale used demographicsChicken head figureI showed the cause of the death of the soldiers.

However, some collectors do not open items to the public, and there are many collections that people do not even see in the world. French potterBernard ParrissyIt is said that the collection was open only to visitors who judged that "There is curiosity and curiosity, there is something you can get from your collection." Welcome which gathered medical goods was also not positive for publishing the collection for the general public, but after his death, the collection was handed over to the dissection museum and we decided to see the sun.

Collector's collecting act is very important for sharing knowledge, as there is a difference whether to publish collection or not. People are strangely photographed, but the actions that seem to be "collecting stupid things" now have the potential to become the future assets of mankind.

ByJuliana Coutinho

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