GoPro rides up the 27-story ruins and jumps off the top floor Experience the blown out race

Men's videos that race Max's races that race up to the 27th floor of ruins compete until they jump off the climb window are published. The race is done with GoPro wearing it in the head, and as you watch the movie, you compete and fly as if you are jumping off the 27th floor as if you were feeling a virtual experience.

GoPro: The BASE Race - YouTube

The stage is the 27-story ruin.

The tennis court in front of the ruins is the starting point.

Two people wearing GoPro in the head are lined up in the start line ......

Pray for each other's good fight and match the fists.

However, the moment the start is turned off, the black helmet men are going to violently press another person.

A man wearing a yellow helmet staggered at the start.

Naturally the black helmet men lead the deployment.

However, by the time it reached ruins, a yellow helmet man had overtaken it.

Two people climb the wall and invade the ruins.

In ruins it is covered with garbage and it is difficult to run.

A black helmet male overtakes the opponent with a stairway and an incandescent dead heat.

When arriving at the top floor, the men who were leading trampled, and there is almost no difference between the two.

Male perspective of yellow helmet. To the opponent running in front of me ......

I grabbed the opponent 's backpack and obstructed it. There is everything.

A yellow helmet man will regain the lead again due to the interference strategy.

And two people almost arrived at the place where the window was at the same time ... ...

Jump towards the sky without hesitation.

From another angle, the two people are jumping almost simultaneously, but it seems that the black helmet men are jumping a little too soon.

When you jump, check your opponent.

The ground comes closer as we look down. "When will you open a parachute?" It pounding.

A parachute opened in 1 or 2 seconds after flying.

Jumping from the 27th floor was a race to compete earlier, but they seem to think that the tennis court at the start point is goal.

People who care about when you reach the tennis court in the end will find out the result when you watch the movie to the end.

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