After making smoothie I tried using the vacuum mixer "Rakku" of 6 roles that can make curry

Vacuum mixer "," Mix by vacuum "" Warming and boiling "" Boil steaming "" Vacuum preservation "" Reheating "can be done with one unit is a vacuum mixer"Rakku"is. If you think that you were active in making smoothies as a mixer, you can heat it as it is to become a soup maker, heat the inside of the bottle to a vacuum state, and you can also cook stewed, multi-wide spread of cuisine with a single unit Since it became home electronics, I purchased it actually and tried it.

Vacuum mixer "Rakkuku" | Can also be heated 1 vacuum pump mixer

This is a ruckus package.

The main body is divided into a motor part, a bottle part, and a lid part, and there are two kinds of lid, "for soup and boiling" and "for vacuum mode". In addition, there was a hose for vacuum preservation, cup for vacuum preservation, 6 bags for vacuum preservation, basket for steaming, squeeze net, cleaning brush, recipe book, easy manual, instruction manual.

The motor part looks something like this.

The connection part with the bottle is waterproof, so that water does not enter during cooking.

There is a notation of "0.3 L" "0.8 L" on the side of the bottle part, and it is necessary to adjust the amount so that the ingredients enter between this line.

Because the rubber packing is attached to the lid, it is designed to be worn slowly in the bottle.

Hold the lock button firmly until the handle part.

Please note that the lid has "vacuum mode" and "soup · boiled", and when you want to use the vacuum mode, put the lid for soup and boiling, it will not become a vacuum state.

This will sound "beep" when plugging the plug into the outlet. If there is no sound, it means there is a possibility that the bottle and lid are not installed properly.

It is like this when put on the table. The size is like a bigger mixer.

The operation panel is simple, if you select the menu and press the start button, cooking is done without permission just by leaving it alone. The mode installed is "soup (smooth)" "soup (coarse)" "heating (boil steaming)" "heating (boiling in)" "heating (reheating)" "mixer (continuous)" "mixer (spot) "10 types of" vacuum mode (vacuum mixer) "," vacuum mode (prepaintable) "and" vacuum mode (vacuum preservation) ".

So, first let's try using the function "mix with vacuum". Banana and strawberry are cut to 2 cm square ......

I put it in a bottle.

With milk etc. in it, make sure the ingredients are contained in 0.3L and 0.8L lines.

Set the vacuum mode lid.

Make sure that the vacuum mode cap is securely tightened here.

Set it in the motor ......

Adjust the mode to "vacuum mixer" of "P - 08".

Just press the start button and OK.

You can check the situation when the mixer is actually running from the following.

Create a smoothie with a vacuum mixer "Rakku" - YouTube

First of all, work to vacuum the inside of the bottle is done. You can see bubbles floating on the surface of milk.

The vacuum mode ends in less than 20 seconds.

Next, the blades swirled vigorously and cut the ingredients. Approximately 1 minute or so will sound "pe", the work will end.

When you are done, turn the vacuum mode cap silicone and place air in the bottle.

Inside is like this.

As I pour the trout liquid into the glass ... ...


To the surprise that the moment of drinking "There is no grain feeling ... ...", smoothies are soooooo smooth. So farBlendtecI made a smoothie with a mixer such as, but the texture is completely different. Although the grain of the smoothie made with Blendtec is not rough, the smoothie made from raku into it was a dense and tactile tongue feeling because it contains little air.

Put the remaining smoothies in the attached vacuum bottle ......

By using a hose for vacuum preservation, it can be stored under vacuum condition.

Since the main body does not start unless a bottle is installed, set the bottle and select "vacuum mode (vacuum save)" of the operation panel.

You can check the state of vacuum preservation from the following movie.

I tried vacuum preservation with the vacuum mixer "Rakku" - YouTube

When vacuum work is done take the hose attached to the lid ... ...

If you put it in a refrigerator etc. in this state, you can keep the contents fresh rather than storing it in a glass.

I finished making smoothies and I will make curry this time.Recipes published on official websitePotatoes chicken · potato · carrot · onion · mushrooms etc.

Curry powder is chopped in advance ......

Also cut all the ingredients. At this time, because it takes time to cook potatoes too much, cut 2 cm square as a guide.

After entering the potatoes in the order of potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms ......

Water and consommé were introduced.

After setting the vacuum mode lid ......

Set it to "Vacuum mode" and press "Start". The vacuum preparation itself is finished in about 20 seconds, but at this time the consomme soup is tightly stained in the ingredients, so it is possible to make a curry with a taste well.

When vacuum preparation finishes, we will change lid for soup and stew.

Now set it to "Heat (simmered)" of "P-04" ...

Heat treatment. It is said that the boiling mode keeps the inside of the bottle at 80 to 85 degrees for about 20 minutes, but time seems to be around depending on the temperature change situation inside the bottle, heating is done for about 30 minutes at this time It was.

If the sound "pea" informs you of the end of the work, remove it loudly.

Chicken and curry powder put in ... ...

I stir.

After heating for another 10 minutes ... ...

It is completion of curry.

So I will go away with the curry to the dish.

When I tried it, I had curry without muddy, because it is not stewed, because it is not fried ingredients, finished slightly asserated.

The chicken has a softer impression than ordinary curry, it feels like steamed chicken. It was pretty juicy.

Carrots and potatoes are slightly shakiaki, but the method of impregnating the taste is not half-ended, and the consommé's taste has been firmly attached by vacuum treatment.

The taste of curry was so strong that it was difficult to understand the power of the preparation, but I thought that "If it's just a simple seasoning, can you understand its power?", Using soup to create a mackerel radish Saw.

As I tried to make, cooking time was 20 minutes and I could not believe the taste firmly to the middle person, but the heating power was insufficient, "The radish is slightly shakijaki although the taste is stained In a mysterious state that it is. As it is just a pretty good way to use it, complete the vacuum preparation in 20 seconds, if you put it in a pot and heat it with a stove, short-term cooking is likely to be possible.

further,Soup manufacturerIt can also be used. Available onion, avocado, shrimp, consommé, salt pepper etc

Cut the avocado and onion onions.

I put onion in the order of onion, avocado and shrimp ... ...

Pour water and season with salt pepper and consommé.

Choosing the mode "soup (smooth)" ... ...

Heating and mixer are repeated.

The soup is completed in about 15 minutes. I tried topping parsley and pepper.

Avocado soup with fluffy texture is so creamy that I can not think that milk is not put in it. The texture was extremely smooth, with a simple material and a single button cooked it was unlikely to be complete. Some of the editorial staff who tasted had voices saying "You can go to this store as it is", it is perfect for adding side dishes when there is no time.

Also, if you use the attached vacuum storage bag, another vacuum cooking method is also possible. Put grilled eyes on the loaf of beef peased with underlaying ... ...

I will put the meat in a vacuum preservation bag containing soy sauce, sugar, mirin, alcohol and so on.

Since the mouth of the bag is a zipper, keep it tightly.

At this point still air is still in the bag.

In the same way as when smoothie was saved, lightly hit the tip of the hose for vacuum preservation to the hole concerning vacuum storage bag. At this time, be careful that moisture is not sucked in with the air.

After a while the air is drained, and the meat is wrapped tightly in the sag.

Put the bag for vacuum preservation inside the rice cooker, and pour the hot water to the eighth part of the meat.

Set in the rice cooker ......

I will leave it for 40 minutes with "heat insulation" instead of "cooking".

After 60 minutes, take out the meat ......

Wrap in a lap and leave it in the refrigerator. Firstly, let meat calming, as the meat juice will run out once you cut the meat.

After leaving for a few hours we take out the meat and cut it, it looks like this.

Pickled in a vacuum preservation bag, you can boil down and use it as a sauce.

It was easy to enjoy roast beef at home with vacuum cooking method.

In addition, after using bottles, pour hot water for a few minutes put on ... ...

Hot water flows so that hot water does not hang the handle part.

The interior of the bottle is a washing sponge at home, and if you drop the dirt such as a blade with the attached cleaning brush, it is OK.

Besides this, it is also possible to make steamed dishes using a special basket or to make soy milk etc. by utilizing a net net. Although there is a part which does not comply with the fire power of the stove, because it is sure that the cooking width spreads a lot by saying that it is a mixer + soup manufacturer + vacuum packing machine + α, it seems to be useful even in families where the number of stove is limited . In addition,Can be purchased at Amazon 31,884 yen including tax.

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