"Living cost" visualization "system which can compare the ease of living by calculating the cost of living in various parts of Japan


"Easy to compare the ease of living in the region with monetary value developed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry""Visualization" system of life cost"Has been released. By setting the current environment of yourself and the virtual environment "You should have lived such life in 10 years,A system that can compute and compare the cost of living generated when living in each city of JapanAnd it has come to calculate the monetary value of ease of living in each area for that person.

"Visualization" system of living costs (METI / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

First of all, access the above URL and download the Excel file from the "Visualization" system (EXCEL format: 21.433 KB). The file size is about 22 MB.

Since the downloaded file is a file of "xlsm" format including macros, in order to use the service, it is necessary to set up an environment and setting to support "xlms" format such as Microsoft Excel 2007 or later. If there is no problem click on the file "mierukasystem.xlsm".

When the file opens like this.

If the message "Some active content has been invalidated" appears, click on "Options", and in two places in the item "Activate this content" of the window that appears Please check and click "OK".

If you check "Please check the person who agreed to the terms of service, please check", I will first select "View local household income and expenditure".

The first screen was displayed. In this screen, we set conditions for narrowing down the data for each area.

"1. Choose region (city, town, village)" "2. Select family composition" "3. Set income (work)" "4. Set house acquisition method and condition" I will continue. The region has become able to select the area that you want to compare with the main area, this time we chose Setagaya Ward Tokyo and Mainland Tsunagari City Aomori Prefecture as the comparison area.

The family composition chose "Household of one couple and one child", and furthermore, the child decided to be "junior high school student".

In each item, the button "see explanation" is arranged so that items can be selected and entered smoothly while checking the explanation of each item. For example, clicking the button at "3. Set Revenue (Work)" will calculate the consumption expenditure according to the amount of income, as the set revenue amount increases, the total amount of consumption expenditure also increases You can see how the result will affect the result depending on the selected item, such as "I will become".

There are two ways to enter income: "Directly enter revenue amount" and "Read average wage amount by industry in each area", and if you choose "Enter revenue amount directly", "Age" and " You can enter the annual income within the range of 20 million yen ". The first income entered directly as "30 - 34 years old" "5 million yen / year".

The second person will try to input from "Read the average wage amount by region's industry type".

Select "medical, welfare" as the occupation, "30 to 34 years old" as the age, "college / graduate degree" as the final academic background and click "OK".

Then, the first person was displayed as "5 million yen / year" for direct input, the second person was displayed as "5,143,000 yen" in Tokyo, "3,620,000 yen in case of Aomori". You can see that Tokyo has a higher annual income of 1.5 million yen even at the same age and educational background.

Regarding "4. To set up methods and conditions for housing acquisition", "How to purchase" the acquisition method, "How to decide the price and size" is "after determining the size of the house (floor area) I'd like to see the purchase price (rent) required for this ". On the contrary, you can also choose the size after deciding the price. Clicking "Open setting screen" ... ...

The condition entry screen appears. Here also there are buttons for explanation of terms such as "Explain the explanation about the total floor space", so even people who had never thought about renting or purchasing a house had been able to decide without hesitation .

The conditions are set as follows. We purchase is "existing housing" of "building 10 years", the total floor area is 120 square meters, the unit price of housing is 600,000 yen / tsubo, the building coverage is 50% 2 stories. Clicking "Display house price under the above conditions" will calculate "750,600,000 yen", and "debt amount" "repayment term" "interest rate" etc. are automatically displayed, so especially problems If there is not, click the button "Calculate purchase price from the size of the house".

Even with the same condition setting, it was shown that in the case of Tokyo, the house price is 7.56 million yen, and in the case of Aomori prefecture it is 11.98 million yen. When we made a loan in the main Tokyo, the monthly repayment amount will be 289,769 yen.

When you have finished selecting all inputs / items, click "5. View results (search execution)".

After waiting for a while, the following summary table was displayed.

At the top of the result, the setting conditions entered earlier are displayed ......

Revenue and expenditure when comparing it with Setagaya Ward of Tokyo and Aomori prefecture Tsuruga city under it is displayed in comparison.

When I looked at the detailed expenditure items, most of the items were about "Tokyo is a bit expensive", but the items of "Housing" made a big difference. Regarding the property of the same condition, there is expenditure of 3.47 million 7228 yen per year in Tokyo, whereas Tsurikichi is 554,988 yen per year.

As a result, if you subtract the income and expenditure, if you live in Tokyo, you will get a negative 86,318 yen in a year, while you can save 2.20 4817 yen in Tsunagichi.

Click on the "View details of household balance" button next to "Setting conditions" ... ...

You can see breakdown of more detailed living costs.

In addition, you can see the average household consumption expenditure ranking of households of the setting condition "married couple and child 1 junior high school student".

In the whole country, the average consumption expenditure of Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Okinawa, and western Japan is small.

In the case of Kanto, Gunma occupied eighth place in ranking 10th.

In Tokyo it will be as follows.

There was also a button saying "see migration support information in this area".

Unfortunately there is no migration support information especially in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. Since "visualization" system is in beta, information may be added in the future.

Clicking "Return to condition setting sheet" ... ...

I returned to the first screen to set conditions.

When you click "Return to initial screen" at the upper right of the condition setting screen ... ...

I returned to the very first screen. Next, select the button "See the monetary value of the regional ease-of-use indicator".

Firstly from setting search conditions. As we did earlier, we will choose region and family composition ... ...

What is slightly different is the choice of "3. Preference of choice between age and place of residence (oriented)". The age was "30s", and while there were two preferences for choosing a residential area, "convenience oriented" and "suburban / rural oriented", we selected "suburban / rural oriented".

In addition, we choose the ease of living index. By default, everything is checked, so you do not need to touch here.

Finally, click "5. View results (search execution)".

After waiting for a while, the result displayed is kore.

The monetary value of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, and Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, selected as the comparison area are compared and displayed. For example, in terms of commuting time, the Tokyo value of Setagaya Ward is "46.5 minutes" and the annual monetary value is "60,484 yen", whereas the school time in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture is "29 minutes "The monetary value per year is" 271,368 yen ", Ishigaki-shi is 20,5884 yen, the monetary value is high. Conversely speaking about the regional recruitment ratio, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo is "1.55 times" and monetary value is 130,000 99 yen, whereas Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture "0.7 times" and monetary value "0 yen" , Setagaya Ward's monetary value is higher by 139,992 yen.

Looking at the overall evaluation, Okinawa Prefecture Ishigakijima is 280,909 yen higher.

Returning to the condition setting screen, changing only the preference of selecting residence from "suburban / rural oriented" to "convenience oriented" without changing other conditions ... ...

The monetary value as a comprehensive evaluation was 143,336 yen higher in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo District than in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture.

Analysis of the data also makes it possible to understand that "even in the same 23 wards there are less than half Meguro-ku from Arakawa-ku put in ninety-day nurseries, there are difficulties to avoid if you know," , You should be able to use the data to select a residential area suitable for your living situation.

The "visualization" system is currently in beta, and it is all self-responsibility with regard to the result of using the system. In addition, permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is required for commercial use, and data can not be transferred, rented or distributed to a third party regardless of charge or charge.

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