In the 5 th anniversary from the birth of the iPad, when all nine models are chronological tables and looking back at once, this will become

Five years have passed since the iPad appeared in April 2010, and Apple has sold 295 million units of the iPad series in nine countries so far in 39 countries. To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the iPad which is not an exaggeration to say that the new market called tablet was born, genealogies from the first iPad to the latest iPad mini 3 are released.

The iPad's 5th anniversary: ​​a timeline of Apple's category-defining tablet | The Verge

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◆ January 27, 2010: The first iPad appeared

By AppleYerupa Buena Art CenterAt the event held at Steve Jobs, the first iPad was announced. With A4 chip, RAM was 256 MB, OS was iOS 3.2. The rear iPad is not equipped with a rear camera, and it is also true that there was a reaction after the event that "iPod touch is just a big screen" response.

The presentation at the time when Jobs unveiled the first iPad can be confirmed from the movie below, and the iPad will appear around 8: 40 seconds.

Steve Jobs introduces Original iPad - Apple Special Event (2010) - YouTube

◆ April 3, 2010: The first iPad released

The sales volume of the first iPad released in April 2010 is 300 thousand units on the first day of sales, 2 million units after two months,It reaches more than 3 million units in less than 3 months. Also, the original iPad will be the only terminal in the series that has not been applied iOS 6 or later updates.

Sales of iPad sold less than 3 months, exceeding 3 million units, and further sales start in nine countries - GIGAZINE

◆ March 2, 2011: iPad 2 appeared

The iPad 2 becomes thinner, smaller and sophisticated design,Smart coverNow you can install. The OS will increase to iOS 4.3.3, RAM will be 512MB, design with front / rear camera will be handed over to the next model as it is.

Apple officially announces "iPad 2", thinner and lighter to improve processing speed, lineup of CDMA 2000 models, and the appearance of white model - GIGAZINE

Taking a leave for medical treatmentThe movie which Steve Jobs who was doing at the event and introduces the iPad 2 can be seen from the following. IPad 2 appeared around 15 minutes and 40 seconds, and became the last terminal introduced by Jobs.

Apple iPad 2 Keynote, Special Event, March 2011 - YouTube

◆ March 11, 2011: iPad 2 release


Apple officially did not announce the first week sales of iPad 2,BloombergAccording to said that more than 500,000 units have been sold. The release in Japan was originally planned on March 25, 2011,Considering the impact of the Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was postponed to April 28, 2011.

When iPad 2 is launched in Japan, people who want iPad 2 have long lines, and the state at that time can be confirmed from the following articles.

Umeda's Yodobashi camera just before the launch of a long line of rain, "iPad 2" even in rainy weather was like this - GIGAZINE

◆ March 7, 2012: New iPad (iPad third generation) appeared

The 3rd generation new iPad is a model between iPad 2 and iPad 4th generation but was not numbered, it was announced as "new iPad". "Retina display" which had been installed from the iPhone 4 is also installed on the iPad, the weight of the new iPad main body slightly increases compared with the iPad 2 as the display and the battery are improved. With A5X chip, RAM was 1 GB, OS was iOS 5.1.

The state of the event where "new iPad" was announced can be confirmed from the following article.

Apple announced the new iPad, "Device reached the new dimension" - GIGAZINE

The state of the announcement of "New iPad" by Tim Cook new CEO can be confirmed in the following movie.

Apple - Special Event March 2012 New iPad Retina Display - YouTube

◆ March 16, 2012: "New iPad" released

"New iPad" sold 3 million units in the first week of release, due to the advent of iOS 6 in June 2012Siri compatible with new iPad and later productsbecame.

"IOS 6" release enhanced Siri related functions, Siri available on iPad - GIGAZINE

◆ October 23, 2012: iPad 4th generation & iPad mini appeared

A year later from the announcement of "New iPad", the new A6X chip and iPad 4th generation equipped with Lightning port were announced. Also, iPad mini with 7.9 inch size A5 chip for family layer also appeared at the same time as iPad 4th generation. Both of the initial OS were iOS 6.0.

7.9 inches "iPad mini" and "4 th generation iPad" with super high definition display appeared - GIGAZINE

You can check the movie containing the state of the presentation of the iPad 4th & iPad mini from the following.

Apple Special Event 23 October 2012 - iPad mini, iMac Keynote Full - 5 New Product Launch - YouTube

◆ November 2, 2012: iPad 4th generation & iPad mini released

IPad 4th generation & iPad mini The initial lineup was only Wi-fi models, but we have a record that sales volume will exceed 3 million units in the first week of sales. X

With GIGAZINE iPad mini & iPad 4th generation released, we compare thoroughly the models from the iPad first to iPad mini and details can be seen from the following article.

Evolution of the "iPad" series from the first generation to the mini series All the success models that clearly shows the true value Total arranged side by side Review - GIGAZINE

◆ October 22, 2013: iPad Air & iPad mini 2 (Retina display model) appeared

The iPad Air appeared as a phenomenally thin and light model compared with the existing iPad, and with A7 chip, RAM was 1 GB. Like the iPad Air, the iPad mini 2 also has the A7 chip, and it is the model equipped with the first Retina display of the same terminal. Both machines were equipped with iOS 7.0.

5th Generation iPad "iPad Air" announcement, 16GB Wi-Fi + LTE model is more than 60,000 yen - GIGAZINE

In the event that iPad Air and iPad mini 2 were announced, it was announced that the download of the new Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks, etc was started. The event of the time can be confirmed from the following movie.

Apple Special Event. October 22, 2013. - YouTube

◆ November 1, 2013: iPad Air released

Although iPad Air and iPad mini 2 were released at the same time, the release was done on another day. Since Apple does not like to compare different models of one product, the sales volume of iPad Air has not been announced.

The appearance and behavior of the iPad Air is detailed in the following article.

"IPad Air" haste photo review with a total weight of 469 grams reduced by 24% in total volume - GIGAZINE

◆ November 12, 2013: iPad mini 2 released

At the same time as the launch of iPad mini 2, Apple raised the price of the original iPad mini from 329 dollars (about 32,800 yen at that time) to 399 dollars (about 30,700 yen at that rate). This means that iPad mini 2 will optimize the price by installing Retina display and a new processor. Changes from iPad mini 2 to iPad mini 3 are only equipped with Touch ID, so overseas media such as The Verge and Ars Technica recommend iPad mini 2 if you buy the iPad mini series.

The release date of iPad mini 2 in Japan is November 13, 2013, you can see from the following article how you went to the Apple Store on the first day of sale to get iPad mini 2.

Finally "iPad mini Retina display model" haste photo review, thinness and lightness look like this - GIGAZINE

◆ October 16, 2014: iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 appeared

Both models have a Touch ID on iOS 8.1, and a new gold color was added as the body color, but only the iPad Air 2 was equipped with the A8X chip. The RAM of iPad Air 2 got on the first 2 GB scale.

The appearance of "Apple October Event 2014" which the new iMac was announced can be confirmed from the following article and movie.

Apple presentation that "iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 & New iMac" appeared Conclusion - GIGAZINE

October Event 2014 - YouTube

◆ Week of October 20, 2014: iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 Delivery start

The release date of iPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 was not specified, it was only written as "Starting delivery from next week". The Verge is presuming that sales volumes of these two models are not announced for the first week, perhaps because the sales of the iPad as a whole may have been reduced.

IPad Air 2 & iPad mini 3 arrived on GIGAZINE editorial department on October 23, 2014, and we are doing photo review with haste.

"IPad Air 2" haste photo review, really thinner than a pencil - GIGAZINE

Changes other than with Touch ID Nothing "iPad mini 3" haste photo review - GIGAZINE

◆ January 27, 2015: iPad total sales exceed 250 million

In the January 2015 revenue report, Apple announced that it sold 250 million iPads worldwide. The tablet terminal can not help but said that the popularity has gone down compared with the time when the first iPad was released, but it was a fact that the tablet terminal became familiar presence by the appearance of the iPad, its achievement is It should be allowed.

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