"What is the idea of ​​the major exchange" Coinbase "and the future service deployment that says" It will not be surprised if Bitcoin begins full-scale dissemination after 12 months? "

Virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)"The market is calming in 2015 after the end of 2014 when the market fluctuates sharply. A bit coin exchange giant major broker who mediates such transactions and settlement of bit coinsCoinbase"Is a bit coin information siteZapChainI will explain "coinbase philosophy", "service content", "future efforts" etc. for the coverage of the report.

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◆ What is Coinbase?
CoinbaseAirbnbIt is a bit coin exchange which Mr. Brian Armstrong was born. Mr. Armstrong quickly noticed the advanced nature of the virtual currency bit coin and immediately developed a bit coin wallet application for Android OS. In 2012, Coinbase of the bit coin exchange was founded. Its establishment philosophy is "to make it easier for more people and businesses to trade bit coins."

Armstrong using a Coinbase application on a tablet.

Coinbase has been growing steadily since its foundation,Mt. Gox breakdownIn the bit coin community that is shaken by, it also leads industry by demonstrating leadership,In January 2015, it opened the world's first "US government approved" bit coin exchange "Coinbase Exchange"Let's start brokering the bit coin trading service in 24 states throughout the United States.

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Coinbase, a pioneer as a bit coin exchange, provides a wallet service that manages customer bit coins while mediating customers' bit coin trading. Customers can purchase bit coins in U.S. dollars and store them in Coinbase accounts while using Coinbase 's application for payment or buying and selling at Coinbase exchanges. Coinbase is free of transactions and settlement in the Coinbase application except that 1% of the purchase price is charged as a commission when purchasing bit coins.

Since its founding,Y Combinator,Union Square Ventures,Andriessen HorowitzCurrently, we are offering services in 24 countries around the world, but we do not have any plans to start service in Japan at the time of writing the article though it is raising funds from the name of venture capital such as venture capital.

◆ Philosophy of Coinbase
· Necessity of regulation
Mt. Gox annihilation riot and illegal trading site "Silk roadThanks to such things as "bitter coin" is a bit coin, but Coinbase said that it operates based on strict rules to spread more bit coins to more people. For example, already Coinbase's Wallet app is DELLExpediaAlthough it is made to be usable for settlement of the company, it is said that we will set usage conditions, such as not allowing the use of bit coins to gamble in the future. Coinbase 's idea is that "some sort of regulation is necessary for the growth of larger and more people to spread bit coins," according to Coinbase' s idea, the world 's first coin - It seems that it was due to this idea that I started.

· Distribution and concentration
Although Coinbase recognizes the necessity of "concentrating" it is a bit coin which is a decentralized digital currency. "Distributed" characteristic that does not have centralized currency issuing authority is the greatest attraction of bit coin, "concentration" in Wallet account is necessary to make settlement more safely and surely, highest Coinbase thinks that it is necessary to apply security of degree.

Also, bit coin exchanges, where large amounts of bit coins gather, are going to be targeted as hacker's cool targets, but Coinbase continues to receive attacks from hackers repeatedly in the past, I repeat the attack repeatedly. Coinbase keeps 98% of the bit coins from customers in offline wallet (cold wallet), taking into consideration the safety aspects, and also taking measures such as insurance.

· Find an alternative currency
The purpose of Coinbase is "the spread of bit coins", but the ultimate goal is that people around the world can access the payment network safely and easily. Therefore, if a virtual currency suitable for worldwide payment network appears more than bit coin, it may be changed. Virtual currencyLitecoinIt is one of the movements that welcomed the author of Coinbase. Although we are closely watching the trends in other virtual currencies, Coinbase thinks that the possibility of the appearance of virtual currency that gains support over bit coins is low at this time.

◆ The future of Coinbase
Since Coinbase has considered "popularization of bit coin" as the most important, Coinbase's trading service has been developing the world only for simple buying and selling. However, it seems that traders around the world are required to offer more sophisticated buying and selling tools, and we are considering adding market analysis trend analysis tools and various payment option functions.

In addition, it is ambitious to develop API applications that can be used with a smaller payment (micro payment) with the weakness of bit coin transaction fee. And all the technologies that have become popular in the past have started marketing activities on various media such as web, radio, television, etc. when entering the diffusion stage, but similar trend is seen in bit coins , Coinbase assumes further penetration of bit coins as it is not surprising at all even if similar entry into the spreading stage occurs between the 12th and 18th months from now.

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