Interview with developer Linus Torvalds commemorating the 10th anniversary of Git's birth

It is used as a distributed version control system for recording and tracking change history of source code etc. at the site of program development etc.GitIt has been 10 years since my birth in April 2015. To celebrate this milestone, he is the creator of Git and also the developer of Linux, the representative of open source OSLinus TorvaldsMr. interview is being carried out.

10 Years of Git: An Interview with Git Creator Linus Torvalds |

History of Git development
Although it is a well-known episode among those involved in Git, the trigger that Mr. Torvalds started development of Git is that the source code version control system (SCM) used at the time of Linux development at the time "BitKeeperIt was due to the fact that the free provision of "Free of charge" was ended. Originally from the Linux development team there was an opposition to using BitKeeper, which in a sense was a "case" that happened to have happened, but Torvalds said that in order to start developing in this situation Become.

Although BitKeeper is a system representative of SCM, Mr. Torvalds says that until the appearance of BitKeeper in the world it is not entirely incongruous for the development of SCM, but rather "it was petty". But when Mr. Torvalds saw BitKeeper, he said, "The eyes to watch SCM changed." For that reason, Mr. Torvalds said, "BitKeeper has solved the problem well and the mechanism of saving and merging the repository locally has had a huge meaning.The big advantage of distributed version control is that it makes repositories available to everyone's local environment By putting it, it is possible to solve the problem of SCM where the political conflict of "Who is allowed to change" occurred? "

However,Andrew TrigelBecause BitKeeper 's developer, BitMover, announced the end of free license provision, because Mr. tried to reverse - engineer a part of BitKeeper' s communication protocol. Mr. Torvalds and Mr. Trigel argued against this, "It is not reverse engineering for BitKeeper itself" and Mr. Trigel originally claimed that the license agreement itself does not exist because he does not own BitKeeper, but the negotiation broke down To do.

Although Mr. Torvalds wanted to avoid returning to the state before BitKeeper, I could not find anything that satisfied Mr. Torvalds on another company's system and finally developed my own SCM "Git" .

Although it is the initial Git made in the situation close to the construction work, gradual improvement is added and operation is started in December, 2005. Mr. Torvalds asked about the finish condition and satisfaction level of Git "It is very satisfied, it works very well and it is responding to my request.It is interesting that many of the external projects It is now to be used as it is now.CVS(Concurrent Versions System) andRCS(Revision Control System) is continuing to be used, but Git will supersede that function either way. "

In response to the question "Will new systems beyond Git appear in the future?", "I do not intend to make new ones myself, but something new will appear, but probably they are" I think that it will be a Git-like thing. "It tells the answer that shows confidence to the extent that Git does not solve the problem of SCM until then.

◆ Git and Linux
"Git was designed according to the workflow of our Linux development team, so it can be said to be part of Linux," Torvalds talks about the relationship between Git and Linux. Since Git is designed for large projects like Linux development, it is said that it is now possible to complete a merge process that takes many hours with other systems in a matter of seconds to minutes I will.

On the other hand, it is also true that there is a voice that "Git is a system that can only be used for tremendously smart guy", and he was involved in Linux developmentAndrew MortonEven Mr. "Git is definitely designed to make people think" I am not smart enough "as I thought." Mr. Torvalds, who was asked for opinions on this, said, "There was such a time in the past, but now it's different, there are a couple of reasons why everyone felt that way, "It means that we can adopt many methods even when doing one thing." "In Git there are so many things possible, and many of the rules we have defined are not due to technical limitations, but by working with multiple members, Git is a powerful tool It is an aggregate, not only is it overwhelmed at first at the beginning, it has become possible to trace a number of paths to achieve the same purpose, and both methods work properly A good way to learn. Git is to do something else at the beginning, using only the basic things without too much effort and doing something different when you become confident. "

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Also, in response to the question "Were Linux able to realize the current development pace without Git?" "Of course it would have been possible, but for that it would be necessary for someone to make as efficient SCM as Git It is said that "Git-like things are necessary", but it sounds as if they declared that "It was virtually impossible without Git in fact".

About GitHub
Mr. Torvalds, who was asked for opinions on GitHub, a web service using Git's mechanism, said, "It is a wonderful service and nothing to be a problem ... ... sometimes it does not work well at all" It is.

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Finally, Mr. Torvalds asked about "what was interesting in how to use Git and GitHub's mechanisms" says, "For me it is enough that we can easily start a new project, In many cases it was serious, but with Git and GitHub it was insignificant to proceed with small projects etc. The important thing is not "what is the project" but "can do the project yourself" "It was said.

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