Assemble & listen to "iHorn Paragon" reproducing JBL's famous machine speaker "Paragon" with cardboard

American audio equipment manufacturer "JBL」Was released in 1957 (Showa 32 years) super-high-end left and right loudspeakerD44000 ParagonIt is paragon. A tremendous speaker of over 150 million yen at the time at that time has been handed down as a famous machine even after more than 50 years since its appearance, but you can assemble such paragon by yourself, put an iPhone and sound a sound Since there is a paper craft kit, I decided to actually make and enjoy the sound.

IHorn Paragon LXA-OT1 amplifier base, iPhone speaker "iHorn" "iHorn mini" ikeda Product | Product Details

◆ What is JBL D44000 Paragon?
Paragon is one of JBL 's leading speaker systems, and it was the product with the longest model life of the company that it is produced from 1957 to 1983. The size is a huge thing with a width of 260 cm × height of about 90 cm × depth of about 60 cm, the weight is just 300 kg and it is just a heavyweight. Its size is a model that can not be obtained by ordinary users because of the high price because the choice of installation place is chosen.

Paragon has a structure in which a pair of right and left speaker systems are integrated in one enclosure, and it is said that the special horn of three low-, mid- and high-frequency regions which each has to have is sounded with a horn which can be said as a synonym of JBL It is structured.

IHorn Paragon says that such a paragon was reproduced in cardboard. Although it is a kit that is made of corrugated cardboard and can be assembled without using adhesives etc at all, it is a little surprised to be a solid finish more than expected.

Looking at it from the top is like this. The shape of the paragon by the curve and the straight line is well reproduced.

The assembling of iHorn Paragon showing a considerably high completion degree was as follows.

◆ I tried assembling
The package of iHorn Paragon I just bought is like this. The paragon on which the iPhone is placed gives a good taste.

IHorn Paragon is a passive speaker for iPhone that also supports iPhone 6 Plus. In other words, it is an item that sound is echoed by iHorn Paragon by placing the iPhone and ringing the speaker. It is compatible with iPhone 4 and later, and models other than iPhone 6 Plus are sized to be placed in the main case.

There were 8 black cardboard panels and assembly instructions in the box.

The thickness of cardboard is approximately 1 mm. Since the cut line is contained in the required shape in advance, it can be assembled without using a knife. The texture of the wood has been reproduced by embossing, and there is no need for painting at all.

Assembly instructions are two sides of the table and the back. I do not seem to get lost in the procedure full of illustration.

By saying "Let's go!", We will start assembling while keeping the feeling of caress. I placed a watch on the desk and measured the time taken to assemble it. The starting time is around 9:23.

First of all, it assembled "speaker base". According to the instructions, the largest panel to be assembled, ... ....

Before assembling, I will punch and punch part of the hole that I do not need. Since all of these are also pre-cut lines, you can easily remove them with just a light push with your fingers.

Mountain folding, repeated valley fold. Since the mold is attached to the crease from the beginning, you can fold with Paco Pako with a light power.

Raise the upper and lower walls, right and left ......

The box is completed.

Looking up it is like this. Finishing such as how to build up thick walls and the dimensions of each part determined perfectly, it seems to be said that it is completely designed by professional hands.

Assemble the other in the same procedure.

Make a box in the same way ... ...


Put it sideways ......

Next is the creation of an echo board part which can be said as the heart part of paragon.

I will assemble this big part.

Cutting off extra parts, like parts like fans or people appear like parts.

Two panels are attached to the left and right.

In advance, scrape around the corner of the desk, etc., rubbing and putting bending habit, the finish is raku.

When I go fold up with patapata ......

Completion of the reverberation board part.

When we assembled the two boxes we made first, ...

The heart of paragon, the basic part of horn is made. The structure of this left-right split type is the same even for the real paragon. Paragon is a speaker of a mechanism that divides and transports and assembles it locally.

The dock for the iPhone also made by bending the cardboard ......

Including a good insert on the top surface.

When installing the decorative board on the front, the paragon is completed up to 70%.

Next, creation of horn part for high region. Because the parts are small, it is likely to be a relatively difficult category in the assembly of iHorn Paragon.

Using a ruler etc., carefully fold it.

Furthermore, attaching the legs ......

It is attached to the main body.

When we installed both horns, it became pretty paragon-like shape.

Finally, if you attach two legs on the back ... ...

Completion The time taken to assemble while taking a picture was about 45 minutes.

So, the appearance of completed iHorn Paragon. From an angle looking up a little, I have an unexpected presence.

The horn for treble is also reproduced like that. In the actual paragon it is the main part of the horn that draws a curve, but asking for reproduction is somewhat cruel.

Placing the iPhone There is a hole in the bottom of the cradle, and it is also possible to let the charging cable pass through.

In addition, the cradle part is not put in the case iPhone 6 Plus fit size perfectly. For iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 series etc, a special spacer is included so if you use it it is ok.

◆ I actually listened to the sound
When the main body was completed, I played music and listened. If you compare the same song with the iPhone 6 Plus genuine speaker and iHorn Paragon, the sound of the genuine speaker is hard, sometimes it sometimes kickens in the ear, while iHorn Paragon vibrates the whole jacquard and the sound cad It changed to a comfortable sound that I could get off. The balance of the range becomes somewhat bass-like, and depending on the song it is felt as if the presence of the drum and the base increased. It was impressive that the sound was rounded in a good way and changed to the perfect atmosphere for BGM.

On the other hand, the effect on the sound of a unique horn imaginable from the name "paragon" is not felt as much as I thought, and how to sound a paper box that makes me feel a paper box is also anxious in some cases Maybe. Nonetheless, it is not a kind of goods that shouts "elegance! Sound quality!" With triangular eyes so much, so these indications may become "nothing".

The iKeda Product paper craft kit "iHorn Paragon" is on sale at mail order sites such as Amazon with a selling price of around 2,500 yen. If you like audio, once you have heard something like the famous machine "JBL Paragon" that you've heard, it was a playful item that you could easily enjoy owned music and enjoy music. IKEDA (Ikeda) Paper Craft Kit iHorn Paragon IKE017 * iPhone (4 / 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6plus) compatible: Home Appliances / Camera

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