I tried using "cooking yoghurt maker EB-RMCY 2" to grow one commercially available yogurt at least 10 times at a time

When adding 900 ml of milk to 70 g of commercially available yoghurt and putting it in the device, all of the milk changes to yoghurt, mixed with the yoghurt and milk made further, and it is possible to grow the yoghurt by repeating as ... What is it?ROOMMATE Cooking yogurt maker EB-RMCY 2"is. Easy to eat freshly made yoghurt at home, and if you are a person eating yoghurt everyday it was urethi like cost performance, so I tried using it actually.

ROOMMATE Cooking yogurt maker EB-RMCY 2

This is the package of "Cooking Yogurt Maker EB - RMCY 2".

Inside, EB - RMCY 2 main body, cooking container, instruction manual, recipe collection was included.

The size of the main body is 19.5 cm in width × 19.5 cm in depth × 19.5 cm in height. Compared to iPhone 6 Plus this is about the size.

Liquid crystal screen and buttons line up on the front of the main unit ......

The rear side has only the connection part of the power cord.

The cooking container is put in the main body, so the size is small. When storing the made yoghurt it is OK if you put it in the refrigerator while putting it in this container.

The main body can open with a plastic lid, so I will put a cooking container here.

The instruction manual is like this.

This yoghurt maker uses commercially available yogurt as "seed bacteria", and adds ingredient-unadjusted milk, soy milk, skim milk, etc. to grow yoghurt there. Moreover, it is said that "yoghurt made with this yoghurt maker can also be used as seed bacteria", so once you make yoghurt it is possible to grow yoghurt one after another until the strength of the fungus weakens. However, it is not possible to make it well when germs enter, so when using it as an inoculum, it is necessary to separate the finished yoghurt into a container with clean tightness first.

Milk can be used at once from 500 ml up to 900 ml. For example, if you use 70 g of commercially available yoghurt and 900 ml of milk it is possible to make 970 ml of yoghurt so you can increase the yogurt more than 10 times.

So I will make yoghurt. First of all, cooking container · inner lid · spoons to use will be disinfected with boiling water. Put the cooking containers washed with the neutral detergent for kitchen in a large container etc ......

I will sprinkle with hot water.

Place the hot water in the cooking container etc. as a whole and leave it for several minutes.

Meanwhile preparation of materials. This time we need 70 g of plain yogurt on the market and 900 ml of milk.

Weigh so that yogurt will be 70 g.

Put the yoghurt in the cooking container which finished the boiling water disinfection ... ....

Pour milk little by little.

Stir gently and gently to make the yogurt uniform.

After pouring in a lot of 900 ml ... ...

Close the lid and set in the main body.

When connected to an outlet, the power turns on and the liquid crystal panel lights in blue.

"Yogurt Button" "Cooking / Canceling Button" "Timer Button" from the left. When you press the yoghurt button, it is set to default time of 10 hours, but it is possible to adjust the time to complete using the timer. The maximum cooking time can be set up to 15 hours, the longer the time, the yogurt will become sour, so if you lengthen or shorten the time according to your preference it is ok.

Just press "Cook / Cancel Button" after setting time.

Since yogurt is made without permission, I only wait for completion. Cooking time varies depending on the amount, but it will be completed in about 8 to 10 hours, so if you set it at night, you can eat freshly made yogurt in the morning.

When completed, an alarm sounds, the green LCD screen turns blue.

I tried touching the outside of the cooker that I took out, and it got warm. Be careful not to burn out as the bottom is getting hot.

Put it in a refrigerator for 1 hour and let it cool ...

Yogurt is completed. When opening the lid the milk that was supposed to be liquid turned into a solid like a yoghurt.

On the surfaceWheyIt is floating.

I tried scooping with a spoon, and it was soft and the yogurt of the trout was completed.

When I moved to a dish and eat it, the first thing I feel is milk strong, the acid taste comes from afterwards. It was not cold to the kinkin when it was cooled for 1 hour in the refrigerator, but with a little warmth left, I felt the taste of milk well for that. It is enough to admire that freshly made yoghurt is also delicious .... If it is felt strong or weakly, it is also nice to finish it in a taste of your choice if cooking time is adjusted is.

Looking out from the container it looks something like this. If you are a person who eats yoghurt every day, it seems pretty good to be able to increase the amount of yoghurt of about 100 yen per piece by more than 10 times by adding milk.

Put fruit ......

It is OK even if you put jam or honey.

Combining nuts and dried fruits and honey is, of course, tasty.

Although it can be eaten with a sense of snack by plus sweetness, even if the editorial staff who does not have attachment to yogurt, in particular, can feel "can be eaten as it is", freshly prepared taste was exceptional.

In addition, the cooking yogurt maker EB - RMCY 2 is 2299 yen including tax with Amazon.

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