"Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT in AnimeJapan" Professors who actually made optical camouflage talk about fiction and real

Even in the near future technologies that appear in fictional works, there are not many things that reality has come so close to that. In fact, like the thermo-optic camouflage that appears in the "Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell", "Optical Camouflage" that melts himself into the back scene, a device that can convey the tactile sense even to a remote place, a limb and the like are lost Probably enough prosthetic body that sufficiently supplement the function is produced.AnimeJapan 2015At the seminar "Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT in AnimeJapan", Mr. Okata who is in charge of the script at the "Ghost in the Shell ARISE" "Ghost in the Sheriff 's New Theatrical Version" I did a seminar on fiction and real.

Ghost in the shell REALIZE PROJECT

Ghost in the Shell REALIZE PROJECT is a magnificent project to commemorate the 25th anniversary of "Ghost in the Shell" announcement, seeking the possibility of reproducing the world of the Ghost in the Ground Really. It started in the fall of 2014.

One of the speakers, Mr. Okata is a novelist and is in charge of screenplays of "Ghost in the Sheriff 's New Theater Version" and "Ghost in the Shell ___ ARISE" series and screenplay.

Okata says that fiction and reality are getting closer and the impact as expression is weakening, while it has become possible to use it without explaining what the brain expression or bio expression is all about.

Kota Minamizawa, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, is studying how to share the feelings of personal belongings, "digitalization and sharing of physical experience."

As a concrete example, Mr. Nanzawa who brought "TECHTILE toolkit" to the venue. It looks like a thread phone ... ....

When Mr. Minamizawa pours sand into the cup held in his hand ... ...

I feel like a sand is poured in the way Okata had.

In other words, it is possible to say "tactile sense to others". If this goes further, it will be possible to tell the sense of touch such as "tick", "Poi Poyo", "Futonobe" over the net.

Although it is quite like an impression that it is quite similar to a prosthetic body, in reality, it seems that things like Yoshimoto gymnastics are also done, which moves the body while using the robot's visual sense.

Beyond this is "Telexistence (Telexistence)".

Next is Ken Endo, Sony Computer Science Laboratory Associate Researcher · Xiborg (Cyborg) Representative Director.

I am engaged in research on expansion of physical ability using robot technology.

To impress Mr. Endo, Professor Hugh Herr of MIT Media Lab "There are no people with disabilities in the body, but there are obstacles in the technology".

For example, even a person who has lost his feet due to an accident or the like can walk again, but because of the immature part of the artificial leg technique, he has not reached the same walking point as a human foot. It is the time distribution of this 100m run that shows that the difference will be filled if technology matures. The red line shows the Paralympic Games, the blue line shows the Olympic championship time. The Paralympic game is still one second slower yet, but as technology advances at this pace, it is thought that it will reach about the same time in about 2020 years.

Masahiko Inami, a professor at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, is studying things that can be called "human-machine integration" by technology.

As a technology that is extremely close to the "Ghost in the Shell", it created "optical camouflage" that blends into the background like "thermo-optic camouflage" that appears in the work.

Even if the car moves behind, it is not simply a painted camouflage, it does not know where it is because it reflects the situation in real time.

Not only optical camouflage but also "hacking feeling" that also appeared in "Ghost in the Ghost in the Shell" has been realized. It is the vestibular stimulation interface, by stimulating the vestibule of others, you can move as if you were manipulating your body as if you were manipulating it. I can not move like a puppet like perfectly, but what kind of feeling is it that others can make unintended movements ... ....?

That Mr. Inami said is "95% real and 5% fiction". In other words, it is not merely to make everything realistic, but how to bring the 5% fiction part to the real side is my job.

It seems to be a big power here, but the power of pop culture, "pop power".

Mr. Inami wondered if technologies will soon be incorporated into our lives so that we do not bother expressing smartphones as "computers" now.

Mr. Endo also expresses the future figure when the prosthetic limbs and prosthetic limbs do not know who the disabled people do not know so that those with eyes are bad and not wearing glasses as disabled people. did.

In this way, as the people's body expands, the world like the Ghost in the Shell will become everyday, so this time it is "Ghost in the Shell xSuperman sports association"Was announced. A superman is a person who supplemented the ability with a robot or IT technology, and Kusanagi element and Bato who exactly appear in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in the Ghost in a Superman.

In this superman sports, Mr. Okata who suggests that if you have a comment such as "Prosthetic foot made by ○○ excels in xx". As a novelist, there seemed to be something that got to know how to write everything new stimulus after learning about these state-of-the-art technologies.

The state of this event will be delivered on the official website at a later date.

From April "Ghost in the Shell ARISE ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURE"Was broadcasted and the" Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version "was also decided on June 20th, not only the character and the story but also the brain technology and the prosthetic technique which are drawn in the works are noted It might be interesting to look at it.

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