It may be impossible to install Linux etc. on PC with Windows 10

If the firmware is maliciously signed, for example by infecting malware, the OS will not start upSecure bootIt is a function called. In order to release the hardware with the "Designed for Windows 8" logo, it was necessary to support this function, but on the other hand, for users who want to install Linux and other OS,Turn off secure bootIt was decided to have an option. However, with Windows 10, manufacturers can choose whether to install the option to turn off secure boot or not, and it is feared that installing other than Windows 10 will be impossible.

Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality | Ars Technica

When expressing Secure Boot easily, it is a function to start PC using only PC software trusted software. Upon startup,UEFIDepending on the firmware, the signature of each boot software including the firmware driver and OS is checked, and if each signature is valid, the PC starts up and control is passed from the firmware to the OS. However, if an illegal signature is included, control never goes to the OS and you can not start the PC.

Although it can be said that the security aspect is improved, it is also a troublesome function from a person who customizes the PC by yourself, for example, because Linux does not have a key code, booting Linux if secure booting is effective There is also a harmful effect that it can not be done. For this reason, it was obliged by Microsoft to enable or disable secure booting on the user side as of Windows 8.

However, the condition for obtaining the "Designed for Windows 10" logo is "secure boot is valid" and "OEM can select whether secure boot can be disabled". Following this, the OEM will be OK even if you disable the option to disable secure boot, so even if you buy a PC with Windows 10 and you want to make it a dual boot machine, secure boot is disabled It means that it can happen that it can only be used as a Windows 10 machine in the end.

A person who already bought Windows 8 pre-installed PCI failed trying to dual boot with LinuxA case like that happens as of March 2014.

In addition, Ars Technica contacted Microsoft about its authenticity, but he said that he did not get a reply yet.

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