A new function that will be unlocked all the time while holding a smart tablet appeared on Android

"On-body detection" that the lock is released when the owner can judge that it has a terminal, such as putting it in a pocket or a bag as a new function of Android OS, "Function was made to be secretly available on some terminals.

[Trusted Butts] New "On-Body Detection" Smart Lock Mode In Android Seems To Be Hitting Some Devices

This is a reader of Android Police, RYAN who is using Nexus 4 noticed, stuck to Android Police.

On the smart lock setting screen, the item "On-body detection" is increasing at the bottom.

The explanation "I will leave the lock unlocked while you have the terminal" is attached, and as a concrete example, while you actually have the terminal, while you are moving in a bag or pocket etc The case is cited. When putting the terminal somewhere, it judges that "the terminal has left the body" and locks up.

Since this function is realized by using an acceleration sensor, locking is not applied, for example because it is judged that "you keep a terminal" even if you handed the terminal to someone else.

Because Nexus 4 used by RYAN was Android 5.0.1, this new feature seems to have been secretly added in software update, not added in Android 5.1. These additions and changes are not uncommon, but it is unknown when this feature will be available outside the Nexus series.

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