"Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version" Latest PV release, all the past works to all "Hajimari" must-see content

It was scheduled to be released early summer 2015 "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version"Was announced on Saturday, June 20, 2015, and at the same time main visuals, promotional movies, stories were released and the whole picture became clear at a stretch.

Movie "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version"

The newly released main visual is kore. Overall director · Character design is Kazuya Kellows as "Ghost in the Shell ARISE". What does the transparent body of Kusanagi element mean?

In addition, the story of "Ghost in the Shell New Theater Version" is also revealed.

In March 2029, the greatest incident after the war, the assassination of the prime minister occurred. Among the victims were former bosses of Kusanagi Elements and 501 institution Kurzu.

Kusanagi to start investigating with Batou and Togusa's colleagues. In Kusanagi to announce that "you are my parts, you can pursue those who can not demonstrate performance," a member who resists "We are parts?"

Behind the case was the political trade surrounding the technical obstacle that is influencing the end of development of the right-of-way body [Dead End]. Furthermore, the existence of an electric brain virus [fire starter] which makes "invasion into the brain wash and ghost, - formation of pseudo memory" at once is also visible. And the clue that I grasp while investigating the incident was also linked to the hidden birth of Kusanagi ... ....

A mysterious cyborg that dreams. The truth of the assassination of the prime minister. The existence of the "third world". A trap waiting after that. Kusanagi who goes to his "battlefield" by just one person tells the last "command" to the member left behind.

"Follow your own ghost (soul)".

When the remaining six people obey your ghost, the gathering group of strangers changes to a team that performs best.

At the moment of the birth of the "Ghost in the Shell", the world shivers.

The latest promotion movie of web advance delivery can be viewed from the following.

6.20 National release "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version" PV - YouTube

The movie starts from the cut which I saw somewhere.

"now is the time"

"When listening to the whispers of ghosts"

This is the first video work of the Ghost in the Shell Series "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell". Public release in 1995, director Mamoru Oshii of "Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer" and "Mobile Police Patlabor".

"Doll use plan"

"Completely enacted"

"Ghost hack" etc is a keyword works. The distinctive eyes that are spread over this ginkin are very characteristic.

Optical camouflage appeared from this time.



The design of an appearance character such as an element is a slightly different image from the other series

This is "GHOST IN THE SHELL / GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0" released in 2008

"Project 2501"


"Full renewal"

Through the latest 3DCG technology, "GHOST IN THE SHELL / Ghost in the Shell" has been fully renewed.

"Innocence" published in 2004

The story will be expanded around Batou.

Togusa also appeared

"Runaway Android"

"Genius Cracker"

"A guardian angel"

Girl type Android runaway scene

"Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX" of TV animation series was released in 2002. Director Kenji Kamiyama served as director of "East Eden" and "009 RE: CYBORG".

Speaking of this work is the first thing to imagine

The key to the story is "Laughing Man Case"

"Super Special A Grade Hacker"

"Electronic sclerosis" three.

Compared to the theatrical version work, the character design has changed to quite modern one.

Made Kyanagi element angryMaritime Self Defense Army Arm Suit

Tachikoma of popular multi-legged tank also appears

The second series of TV series "Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG"

"11 individuals"

"Dejima problem"

"Underground nuclear power plant"

A number of characteristic characters that can not be forgotten will appear once you see Kazuhito Goda, Kuze · Hideo etc. once.

Hub Dynamics

"Ghost in the shell ___ STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society" which became the first feature film of TV series

Awesome input technology ......

"Old Rosary"

"Solid state system"

Batou thoroughly appearing in all series

Puppet circle

Arm suit and Tachikoma's battle scene also

"Ghost in the shell ___ STAND ALONE COMPLEX Solid State Society" is a story after Kusanagi element disappeared, Togusa is leading the Public Security Section 9.

And since 2013 the theater was released "Ghost in the Shell ARISE". Kazuya Kurosa also serves as director of the new movie version.

A story till the establishment of Public Safety Section 9, you can see members of Public Safety Section 9 younger days.

"Pseudo memory"

"Army 501 institution"

"Fire Starter"

Multi-legged tanks that appeared in ARISE are not Tachikoma but Logikoma

"And 2015"

Comparison of scenes using optical camouflage of each work

"A new movie version will be launched"

Original Shiro Masamune

Elements appear at once

Suddenly descending to the place where the incident scene appears

I will be able to enjoy a fancy action scene this time as well

Element & Ishikawa






Members of public safety section 9 familiar with ARISE such as Logicoma appear

"This is all origins"

Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version

Original: Shiro Masamune
Overall director · Character design: Kazuya Kurosa
Screenplay: Okata
Music: Cornelius
Director: Kazuya Nomura
Total drawing director: Toru Okubo
Animation Production: Production I. G
Production: "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version" Production Committee
Distribution: Toho Imaging Department

Kusanagi element: Maaya Sakamoto
Aramaki Daisuke: Koichi Kujuku
Batou: Kenichiro Matsuda
Togusa: Arakaki Tansuke
Ishikawa: Shunsuke Sakino
Site: Takuro Nakagoku
Puzzle: Tadashi Ueda
Boma: Kazuya Nakai
Logi Comma: Miyuki Sawashiro

© Masamune Shiro Production I. G / Kodansha · "Ghost in the Shell New Theatrical Version" Production Committee

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