When Kindle e-book "Hydo Cover" is gathered to a large extent

Kindle direct publishingAnyone can easily publish their books to the Kindle store with. However, because of its ease of use, there is also a book titled "Why is this ... ...", especially on the cover,Miscellaneous CollaI can find many works that doubt my eyes. It is "Kindle Cover Disasters (Kindle's cover catastrophe)" that gathers such a bonfire cover.

Kindle Cover Disasters

My child's muscles are something Photoshop "Son of the Wind".

Amazon.co.jp: The River Rages: Son of the Wind 2 (English Edition) e-book: Clyde Abbot: Kindle Store

"Hammer of Thor" (a thunder god tall hammer) "a word of" Japanese "that seems unrelated to somehow entered the cover.

Amazon.co.jp: Hammer of Thor (English Edition) e-Book: S. Evan Townsend: Kindle Store

Odd Ladies Who Love Porn (grandmother who likes pornography) 's dazzling smile so much that the lady on the cover is not in line with the title.

Amazon.co.jp: Old Ladies Who Love Porn (English Edition) e-Book: Franklin Eddy: Kindle Store

"Senior Sex Parties 5 (Old Man's Sex Party 5)" is a surprise that the fifth work is surprising.

Amazon.co.jp: Senior Sex Parties 5 (English Edition) e-Book: Sally Hollister: Kindle Store

You can imagine a story like a space war from the title, but if you look only at the illustration on the cover, I think that it is a picture book.

Amazon.co.jp: The Yississ War (Strange Galaxy) (English Edition) e-Book: Shawn O'Toole: Kindle Store

I thought that it was a box of a Super Nintendo, or something, it was the cover of an elec - tronic book just now.

Download "MOIRA: THE ZORZEN WAR (The Divided Worlds Book 3)" by Lawrence Ambrose for FREE!

It is impossible to say nothing about the state of the monster / woman's head / torso / lower body bash.

Amazon.co.jp: Lorilee: In Moira's Footsteps: Like Mother, Like Daughter (The Divided Worlds Book 4) (English Edition) e-Book: Lawrence Ambrose: Kindle Store

In a sense a superb title "But ... You're a Horse (even ... ... because you are a horse)".

Amazon.co.jp: But ... You're a Horse (English Edition) E-book: David Bussell: Kindle Store

"Texting Mr. Right (Mr. Light and Mail in)", if a woman on the cover is mailing Mr. Wright, who is the man who is kneeling?

Amazon.co.jp: Texting Mr. Right: Diane Dean White: Books

The illustration of "Titanimus Makes Jenny A Genie" is a design like an alien or a robot rather than a spirit. The girl on the right is drawn with a solid shoulder width.

Amazon.co.jp: Titanimus Makes Jenny A Genie (My Genie And Me Book 4) (English Edition) eBook: Betty Crofoot, Roo Arledge: Kindle Store

The cover of "CAUSED & amp; EFFECT (result and impact)" is a woman holding a gun just pasted in a blurred forest. I wonder if I managed to manage the gun at least.

Amazon.co.jp: CAUSED & amp; EFFECT (English Edition) E-book: Bernie Bourdeau: Kindle Store

"How to Draw Multicultural Supercharacters (a way to draw multicultural heroes)". People who have a willingness to purchase by looking at this cover are thought that they are considerably down and OK.

How to Draw Multicultural Supercharacters - Earl R. Phelps - Google Books

Hide and Seek (Hide and Seek), which can not be determined even whether it is a horror or a mystery or a simple animal search.

Amazon.co.jp: Hide and Seek (The September Day Book 2) (English Edition) e-Book: Amy Shojai: Kindle Store

A book that seems to be complete only by reading this cover, "I Am Annoyed" (I am irritated).

Amazon.co.jp: I Am Annoyed: One Man's Rants Against This Annoying World (English Edition) e-book: Aaron Schultz: Kindle Store

The head of the deer is a cover page "The Pig's Head (head of the pig)".

The Pig's Head, Part 1 by Demetri Paul - Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

"Hall of The Mountain King" is like a hero, a man naked is a mystery too.

Hall of the Mountain King eBook: K. R. Columbus: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

Design which "Flight of the Intrepid Monkey" was made of limited material to the limit or what kind of story it is at all.

Amazon.co.jp: Flight of the Intrepid Monkey (English Edition) e-Book: Mac Zazski: Kindle Store

"The BEST LAID PLANS: Birth of the Starclan (Complete Crime: The Birth of the Star Clan)" on which the microorganism swimming in the ocean of the tartan check became the cover.

Amazon.co.jp: THE BEST LAID PLANS: Birth of the Starclan (English Edition) E-book: James McAllister: Kindle Store

In addition, Kindle Cover Disasters is recruiting Kindle e-book of "Hydoy Cover" from time to time and if you find something, it may be added to it sending "[email protected]".

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