Apple recruiting talent who will work at the first US research and development base in Yokohama at Rikunabi

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Apple, a giant in the IT industry that manufactures Macs and iPhones, for example, was obviously setting up a new research and development base in Yokohama, Japan, but Apple is looking for a new engineer working at this research and development base doing.

Job recruitment is posted on "Rikunabi NEXT" of a change job site.

Job change at 【Apple Ryunavi NEXT】 Job description at Apple Japan!

The job seeker at Rikunabi NEXT is "Apple Japan Limited Liability Company" which is a Japanese corporation of Apple. There are 6 job offers in total, and "IC evaluation engineer" "Mixed-Signal IC test engineer" "IC verification engineer" "Mixed-Signal IC product engineer" "analog IC designer" "senior CAD engineer (front end) We are recruiting six kinds of engineer jobs.

As for all job offers, it says "I will set up a technical development center" and the place of work is the "metropolitan area" including the city of Yokohama, so in December 2014Became obviousIt is considered to be a recruitment of regular employees working at a new research and development base "Technical Development Center" built in Yokohama. It is the first time that Apple places R & D bases in countries other than the US, and the Technical Development CenterYokohama Minatomirai 21It is scheduled to enter the office building of.

Furthermore, according to the Asahi newspaper, Apple seems to be working toward acquisition of the factory site of Panasonic in Yokohama, possibility to establish separate research and development facilities besides the technical development center there is. In addition, it is said that Apple aims to acquire the factory site of about 38,000 square meters as one of three compartments.

Apple to acquire site of factory in Yokohama Expansion of domestic development base: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The selection process is all in the same flow, first it is "document review by Web resume", then "primary selection", "secondary selection", the selection period is about 1 month It seems to be planning.

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